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Trey Williams (Dying Fetus)

Interview with Trey Williams from Dying Fetus
by Joganegar at 11 July 2017, 8:27 AM

In June, DYING FETUS returned with their 8th studio album and first new music in over 5 years, “Wrong One To Fuck With”. Drummer Trey Williams was kind enough to allow Metal Temple to ask him about the new album, summer touring, and influencing the next generation…

Wrong One To Fuck With” is your latest release. Can you tell me more about the album concepts and/or ideas that took shape for this album?

This isn’t really a concept album, we jus tried to put together a lot of the things that we like and admire and throw them all together into one kick ass album as a single idea

You guys have 11 extreme songs from your release, which two songs do you think will smash the level of brutality? Why are they brutal and what would you rate their intensity? (For the new fans that are waiting to be taken over)

I would say they would have to be “Panic Amongst the Herd” and “Die With Integrity”, and If I would have to rate them I would give them a ten, since they are my own material, but it is really not my opinion that matters, it’s the listeners and I hope the people out there like it.

What was It like working with Mount Emult in the video “Panic Amongst the Herd”, the video that kicked off promotion for this album?

Oh we never actually talked to him; everything was kind of done through promotion and through our management, but we are really happy with Mount Emult’s work and the way he put together a really cool video for us for “Panic Amongst the Herd” and we are really happy with the way it came out, and so far, the fan reaction has been very positive.

It was a pretty intense video with lots of imagery; did the band contribute in anyway apart from the lyrics?

Well, he sent us little bits of samples of what he thought about the song, what a visual representation of the song would be, and we just agreed with what he did. We didn’t really give him any ideas to go off, instead for the fact that we wanted an animated video that was disgusting, and he put it together and we were very happy with the preview material and the preview material that became the final material. We were pretty psyched with how that came out, and that is how that video came together

What were the greatest challenges during the production of this album? How long did it take for you to record it?

Recording, the whole production schedule was probably about one year, it took us about one year to finish the whole album together and record it. In late 2015, we started writing, and that process was followed by playing shows constantly; we were accepting offers to tour and play shows, so we kind of dug into that whole production time; probably about a year to put it together and record it all together.

How did you come up with the name of the album? Why “Wrong One To Fuck With”?

Well, we wanted something really strong, we wanted a title that would grab people, not the typical death metal band, like you know, “unbelievable smell”, instead of just going into a thesaurus and look up how can I say that in a more intelligent sounding way, we just wanted something that sounded imposing and intimidating, we got together and talked about a bunch of ideas and the one that came up was “Wrong One To Fuck With”, the actual song title, we named the song after the album, we named the album somewhat after the song title.

I hear that you guys will head out on the road for the The Summer Slaughter 2017 tour (sharing the stage with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, OCEANO, SLAUGHTER TO PREVAIL, ORIGIN, RINGS OF SATURN, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS and LORNA SHORE) that will kick off late July. Are you guys excited about that?

We are excited to be a part of it, really excited to play the new material for the audiences, we have a lot of friends on that tour, and I am sure we will make a lot of new friends, we know the guys in ORIGIN very well, we know the guys in THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, we know a few guys in OCEANO, but really the rest of the bands we don’t know anybody in those bands or the rest of the acts, so it will be nice to make some new friends, I look forward to getting out there and sweating in the summer slaughter…

Since the band is notorious for being a huge inspiration for bands of technical death metal do you think that the group offers something intriguing that most bands of this style don't?

We want songs that aren’t just tech for the sake of tech; technical songs, they are cool, I like them, but people don’t really move in the crowd. You’ve got to have a slam; you got to have hardcore parts, you want to have parts that are going to make people rip their friend’s arm off and beat their friends up with them, so that is kind of what we do. We take all the elements of our inspiration in music, which is Death Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, Thrash and throw them into one big cauldron and turn it down to its most core elements, and then we just do our best to try to do that, we know we’ve been influenced by those genres and we try, and all bands are like this, they are the sum of our inspiration and that’s what we are, we are the sum of our inspiration in our life, musically.

Personally, I admire your drumming style as one of the best, as a lot of people in the world do, how did you prepare to become such a skilled performer?

I just took practice man; you’ve got to practice a lot… you know before DYING FETUS, I wasn’t as curious as I am know in drumming, and once I got in this band, it was a big, it was just intimidating, to be honest and I just had to learn how to keep up with all the other amazing guys out there, and I’m flattered to be compared and to be praised into this pantheon of amazing drummers, I personally don’t think I belong there, but it’s not my opinion that matters, if people want to put me up on a pedestal, and say that I am good, that is cool, that neat, but I am humbled, everyday I get to go out on tour and watch other drummers, I watch them , and it doesn’t matter the genre, I watch other drummers play and I just say “I wish I could play like that”, so it is cool to me that I get to be compared to other people, but by no means does it get to my head, and if someone says I am the greatest, absolutely not, one of the greatest things about music is that you can play it your whole life and you’ll never master it, there’s always going to be something new to learn and there’s someone that is better than you.

How is your lifestyle when you are off the road; do you like to disconnect completely from the scene or do you have any other band projects or music related activities?

I am kind of a one-band man at the moment; I focus solely on DYING FETUS, it occupies a lot of our time, so I don’t even focus on my personal life. I try to do one thing at a time so I can give it my complete attention so there is nothing else to sacrifice. Could I benefit from doing other things? Absolutely, but I try to keep DYING FETUS as my main priority in life.

Thank you very much and I hope we can see you on tour in a short while and we just want to express our gratitude for the upcoming album and the upcoming tour.

Thank you we look forward to seeing all of our fans all over the world very soon.


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