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Tuomas Seppälä (Amberian Dawn)

Interview with Tuomas Seppälä from Amberian Dawn
by Lotty Whittingham at 18 November 2015, 6:25 PM

AMBERIAN DAWN are one of Finland's rising bands with strong vocals, brilliant musical arrangements and all this can be heard on their latest album "Innuendo". Lotty had a talk with mastermind Tuomas Seppälä about the new album, their tour with DELAIN and the interesting themes behind the video "Fame And Gloria".

You started your tour with Delain, how did the first show go?

Well, the first show is always difficult for a supporting band. There's not too much time for doing sound check and also the sound for audience is not yet as good as it could be. Everyone are learning things in the beginning of a new  tour and everything (logistics etc.)  is starting to flow more smoothly after a few shows.

Are there any countries or venues you are looking forward to going back to or playing for the first time?

Paris has always been one of the best cities for AD (Amberian Dawn) so maybe that's something that needs to be mentioned here. It's always the audience who's making the show excellent  or just decent.

This tour is promoting your album “Innuendo”, I personally loved it. I found it sounded a little different to “Magic Forest”. Was this intentional?

All of our albums sound a little different with each other I think. Personally I feel that our previous Magic Forest started a new era and Innuendo now follows that same musical direction. I don't ever decide to compose a certain kind of music. It all just happens and it depends on my mood what kind of music comes out. Music of AD keeps on evolving all the time and even I'm not able tell which kind of music AD will represent in future.

You stated you approached this album differently to previous material; could you elaborate on this?

The songwriting process on this album was pretty much the same as on our all previous albums. This time we still took more time with pre-production than before. So, before we went to studio and started recording the final stuff we did quite much work in advance. We demoed every song with vocals and made the final arrangements together with our small “vocal production team”. That's how we were more ready than before while entering the recording studio.

Would you encourage bands to try a different approach to writing material?

Of course. Everyone need to find their own way to compose music. Same “techniques” or ways of doing things doesn't work for all. Some people for example need completely silence  around them while working, some people like to have a little noise around them…etc. But usually composers find their own way quite quickly I suppose..

What are your favourite tracks on the album? I personally loved “The Court Of Mirror Hall”, “Angelique” and “Symphony Nr 1, Part – The Witchcraft”.

I think there's no mediocre songs on this album so I like them all. On different days I might have different favourite ones. Right now I like “Knock Knock Who's There” the most since it's boldly different comparing with AD's all previous songs. I have wanted for some time now to present the softer side of me. This song is very soft and even poppy. It's fun to do different kind of music for a change.

How is new bass player Jukka settling in?

Jukka Hoffren is a great bass player and also as person he's just the right kind of “funny idiot” for us. We've had a lot of fun together outside studio too. In studio he's a true professional and he's able to play even the hardest bass lines.

The album cover is incredible, what was the influence behind this?

The artwork is designed by our longtime graphic designer, Jan Yrlund. We've been working with him for so long time that we're quite fast on the same page as soon as we'll start working with a new album cover. Jan usually likes to hear out our new music and then he starts the designing process based on the feelings he gets from music…and of course he reads the lyrics first too.

How do you personally feel about the term “female fronted metal”? There has been a mixed reception.

I don't care about how people are categorizing music. Maybe “female fronted metal” is something that some people are considering as good description. But should the category be decided based on just the gender of singer? The more I think about it now the more I'm convinced that  it's perhaps not the best way to describe  music. On the other hand, terms like Power Metal or symphonic metal are very limiting too.

The video for “Fame & Gloria” is rather striking; I’m interested in the story behind it, it looks like women are being saved from torment. Is this related to the song?

The lyrics of the songs itself are not about women to be saved or something. I talked with Capri about this (she wrote those lyrics) that it's originally about men going to war and while they're gone, the women must defend the home base…Something like this anyways…Our director used his artistic freedom and he developed the story a little bit further from the original version. I'm happy with the results. It's a great video.

In terms of video production, where was it filmed and how long did it take to film?

Tuomas: This video was shot in studio located in Helsinki, Finland. It took a couple of days from all of us. Video is directed by same guy who did our previous Magic Forest video.

Thank you Tuomas for talking with us. 


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