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Ty Morn's Aron Biale: " It’s the underground, but there are endless festivals, great supporters and many great bands. All this in the knowledge that there isn’t much money in it now, unless you are ultra-lucky"

Interview with Aron Biale from Ty Morn
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 May 2019, 9:39 PM

It just came out natural, and it sure does, the music just came out bursting out of the mind of the British guitarist Aron Biale. And right there, Ty Morn was born. With recently releasing its debut "Istor", a new promising Heavy Metal act became a force to be reckoned with. Steinmetal had a chat with creator, founder, composer and guitarist Aron Biale regarding the new band venture, debut album and more.

Hi Aron, I am pleased to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine. How have you been doing sir?

Hi Lior! First of all, thanks for inviting me for this chat!

A little while ago, I got to know your new band project, Ty Morn, but before dwelling into this new frontier. I would like to ask about your history in the local British Metal scene. What can you tell about yourself and past endeavors?

Well, I was actually a release manager for other acts and labels such as A&M and Mercury whilst dabbling in unknown London bands as a musician and writer. It was a life of demos and a 1000 drummers, but no great success, so took a long break.

What is the meaning of the name Ty Morn? How did you come up with it and why choose it?

I have a studio in Brittany. The Breton word “Ty” loosely means “where man dwells” and “Morn” is just old English for “Morning”. I kind of liked the sound of it. Picking a band name is hard!

 “Istor” was the chosen title for your project’s debut release, with you in charge of the main proceedings of guitaring, along with a vast line of unknown guest musicians, yet quite talented. Were there any thoughts of actually making a band out of this venture?

I wanted to start with the writing bit by bit, then found the great Brazilian vocalist Raphael Gazal (from Bulletback). He liked the material, which helped! Everyone else was on a session basis, filling in for parts that were beyond my skills. I damaged my hand in a bike crash, so playing is a little limited, hence, the other guys. Next year, it would be great to having a touring band and I’d stick with rhythm guitar probably, haha.

How did Ty Morn came to be? How did you pick the musicians to join your ranks?

After the writing started, I put the word out, played some demos, and recruited a variety of musicians who gave the collection of songs that variety that we achieved in the styles of solos.

Though I felt that there isn’t a unanimous theme to “Istor”, even if the Norse myths and Greek mythology had their effect, which elements in the lyrics stand a singular front to create a message for the listener?

Each track takes the tropes of metal subjects past, though not in a contrived way I hope. It just fits. Nothing too bleak, mainly subjects which tackle power, corruption, nature, night creatures (of course!), sea monsters and dystopias. Stuff I grew up on with Priest, Dio, Maiden, Queensryche, Helloween etc.

Musically, “Istor” is quite an interesting hybrid, a dangerous meeting of old school and modern driven Metal music with a spike towards Folklore, yet much loosened up and not bound. Since the larger part of the traditional Metal bands in the UK are NWOBHM oriented, whether the veterans or newcomers, where there thoughts going through your head to stand out with something rather different or it came out naturally?

It just came out naturally. The only mission in my head was to echo the 70s/80s ‘golden age’ where heaviness and melody met and metal crossed over with classic rock. Be catchy, tell a story, get the dynamics in there and don’t forget the theatrics. A little symphony never hurt. Yngwie would agree.

What can you tell about the album’s songwriting process? Did it turn out to be how your envisioned it?

It did, subject to the budget I had for the production, as any newbie. I record probably 5 ideas a day on the phone, then start playing with some chord progressions. Some bands write around riffs. I don’t. They come later. The best time is when a song just says “Write me”. How that happens, I don’t know. If a vocal melody and a chord progression appear, you’re on your way. Lyrics are harder though, so that takes time.

A question that I always have to ask, which of the songs made an impact on you after listening to its final version? Which of the tunes can’t leave your ears? Please elaborate on your song choice

I’m very pleased with “Fall on your Sword”. I wanted to pay tribute to Accept, but the chorus developed into a big commercial anthem, which was unexpected. Got to try to be catchy, but not too cheesy.

I am sure that you have a connection to your local Metal scene’s early days as fan. Looking at what is going on nowadays, how do you perceive the rapid ongoing in the UK Metal scene due to technological advancements? Do you think that things improved or went for the worse?

I belong to the London Metalhead FB group and I have to say, that scene (as elsewhere in the UK) is thriving. It’s the underground, but there are endless festivals, great supporters and many great bands. All this in the knowledge that there isn’t much money in it now, unless you are ultra-lucky. Social media and reduced production costs is key. Play live if you can of course.

Now with your debut album out, and like any newcomer artist, you are looking to be promoted. What is your opinion regarding the promotional platforms that artists have nowadays? Other than playing live, can studio artists become big due to the options offered?

If you work social media, YouTube and every other platform like an expert, it can be done. It helps to have a good label behind you and I’m lucky that DocGator Records came knocking 2 months after appearing on Bandcamp. We all hope everyone’s going to love the digipack (with bonuses) and vinyl coming out in August.

Have you ever considered making an actual band out of Ty Morn, playing live and sorts?

I’d love to. At the moment, Raphael and I are halfway through demo-ing album number two here in Brittany. My wife and I would probably need to go where the musicians are, but London’s now very expensive. Who knows, Germany, Italy or Sweden could be the next base!

Aron, I would like to thank you for the interview. “Istor” is an astonishing release, a promise in Heavy Metal music and I hope it would go far. Cheers mate.

Cheers Lior, all bow down at the Metal Temple !


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