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Ustumallagam (Denial Of God)

Interview with Ustumallagam from Denial Of God
by Dory Khawand at 04 November 2012, 4:51 PM

Probably one of the earlier Black Metal acts out of Denmark, DENIAL OF GOD has never backed down from their own Black Metal outputs. Six years after their previous album, the veterans return with “Death And The Beyond”, via Hell’s Headbangers Records. Dory talked with Ustumallagam, the band’s vocalist and one of the band’s founders about the new album, recent events concerning the band’s career and their music.

Hi there Ustu, how have you been? It is an honour having your for this interview for Metal Temple.

Good evening. I am doing fine. I am a bit worn out from all the stuff I had to do the past months, but it’s getting better. Let the interrogation begin.

You have recently released Death and the Beyond which was a very good Black Metal release. How was the feedback on the album overall? 

Till now it has been overwhelming to say the least. I have almost only read extremely positive reviews and all the feedback from people I run into has been the same. This album really seems to have made a big impact, so I cannot complain at all. Actually the response has exceeded all my expectations. I too am very satisfied with how it turned out and still haven’t found anything I’d like to have done different on it.

Aside from your recent performance at Metal Magic Festival V, do you plan to do any tours anytime soon?

There are actually several shows being planned at the moment, but as nothing is down on paper yet, I don’t think I should talk too much about it. The only show that is confirmed yet is at the Hell Over Hamburg fest in Germany next year. We are working on several other shows, both in and outside Denmark and even outside Europe, so let’s wait and see what happens with that. Keep yourself updated on our websites.

You describe your genre as Horror Black Metal. What inspired you take that musical approach towards the Black Metal genre?

It just seemed right. We have always been looking for the darkness in music in one way or another and black metal was the darkest we could find at that time. Black metal has this certain appeal to it that I find very hard to describe with words. We took black metal and mixed it with horror metal and I think we came up with something rather unique as I can’t mention any bands that sounds like we do. I would say we have developed our own otherworldly sound.

You started out in the early 90's and released a lot of material and continue to do so to this day. Was it hard for you to gain the current popularity that you have?

To be honest with you I am not sure whether to answer yes or no to this question, ‘cause we really always had a strong fan base with really dedicated maniacs attending our shows and collecting our releases, but on the other hand I never felt we got the full attention we deserved. It’s like it’s only starting now. It is hard to say when you see it from the inside though and the band is like your child. We have done this for 21 years now and it’s like the media is only slowly opening it’s eyes now. That feels a bit strange when other bands get major deals without even having done a real demo. It makes my toes cringe sometimes, but today quantity often comes before quality unfortunately.

Have you received any criticism due to being a satanic band, or has it been easy for you?

Often, but no one said you’re supposed to do what is accepted in society. I’ve even had people trying to convert me. People should stick to their own business or fuck off. If we offend anybody it just makes me smile.

How do you find the Black Metal scene in Denmark? Has it evolved over the past couple of years?

Black Metal scene in Denmark? Does it still exist? There are some black metal bands here and there, but I’m not really into any of them too much except Nortt. There’s bands like Ogdru Jahad (ex-Sadomator), Angantyr, Blodarv, Ligfaerd etc. though. Lots of new bands pop up all the time and it can be hard to keep track on, so I don’t. I don’t have much faith in new bands anymore anyway as they all sound the same and are like watered down copies of bigger acts. Recently I saw a poster of a Danish so-called BM band playing ‘anarchistic black metal’. And what the fuck is that?

Which artists inspired you ever since you started with Denial of God?

Our main influences we always considered to be killer bands like Hellhammer, Mercyful Fate, (old) Mayhem, Infernäl Mäjesty, Bathory, Ripper, Death SS, Alice Cooper and the likes. The influences never changed as those are bands we will forever be into and that created something deeply unique in our eyes/ears. As you see a lot of very different bands and when you hear our music I think you will hear a lot of different things too. We listen to everything from NWOBHM to grindcore at home.

Did you take a liking to any of the new bands emerging in the ever-growing Metal scene?

To be honest with you I don’t do anything to keep up with new bands anymore. It all really bores me nowadays. Like I said before way too many bands today just sound the same and ape what’s already been done a thousand times and I just can’t be bothered to waste my time and energy on that. Luckily here and there you run into a cool new band, but it’s rare for my taste, I must say. I have grown extremely critical with the years, but I don’t care. Last bands to really take me by surprise were bands like Griftegård, Black Oath, Saturnalia Temple, Evil Spirit, Confraternita Del Vuoto Immenso etc. Zines always ask for my opinion on the so-called scene of today, but I just don’t care anymore.

If you had to choose a band to tour with, who would you choose, and why?

Honestly I’d be happy just to tour with any band we get along with and like personally. Touring with Black Oath and Abysmal Grief for example wouldn’t be the biggest thing commercially thinking, but I know the chemistry would work out just perfect and that’s really important to me.

If you had to list 3 music albums to take with you to hell, which ones would you choose?

That is almost impossible to answer as I have so many faves, but I guess it would be “Welcome to Hell” or “Black metal” by Venom, “Don’t break the oath” by Mercyful Fate and “De mysteriis dom Sathanas” by Mayhem. At least that’s the first albums I think of when I hear this question and some of my absolute all time fave albums. I am sure I could make room for some extra vinyls in the coffin though.

Ustu, thanks for the interview, I wish you and the guys the best. Good luck with the new album!

Thanx for the support. Keep yourself updated on all news on our websites and listen to ”Death and the beyond” by candlelight among the graves.

Denial Of God - Death And The Beyond - Review


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