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Valkus (Valkiria)

Interview with Valkus from Valkiria
by Sharon "Metal Chick" Bar-Or at 30 September 2012, 3:52 PM

Over the years there have been constant changes in Metal music towards several of directions. Many bands wished to be something different than their original imagery and changed their music accordingly. The VALKIRIA project proved that same emphasis, from being a Black Metal converting into Epic / Gothic Metal but without forgetting the roots. “Here The Day Comes”, via Bakerteam Records is the band’s newest album. Metal Chick talked with Valkus, the project’s leader, about the new album, inspirations, some history and future plans.

Hey there, Valkus, how are you? I am thrilled to have this interview with you to the Metal Temple web magazine!

Hello and thanks, it’s a always a pleasure answering some good questions.

The VALKIRIA project is one of a kind. Please tell us about it.

I created it in 1996, so far we have produced two demos and five full length. Valkiria was my own project in the early years, but now we are a duo. I take care of vocals and guitar and Mike is the second guitarist, Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre) is the Session drummer.

Congratulations on your new album, please tell us about the idea behind "Here the Day Comes".

We wanted to represent the human life trough a long single day. Something that gave the idea of the shortness of our existence in this world. The concept emphasizes how people's lives are very similar after all and this, in virtue of the fact that our bodies and experiences evolve with our age, then our actions and thoughts eventually converge. Every man gradually fades away, a cycle that repeats endlessly as well as the succession of the days, an infinite incomprehensible to us. Reducing life to a single day makes us understand that life is just a connected series of events that, although important for any individual, are nothing more than the prodrome of death.

What inspired you to create "Here the Day comes"?

The obsession with the passage of time, the childish attempts of a man to understand and explain the mystery of life to himself and others. In a few words the will to rationalize something (at this moment in human evolution) far bigger than us.

"Here the Day Comes” made me see beyond the everyday life, beyond every human mind's troubles or even worse than that: a routine. It makes me think about the small things during the day like a sunrise, an afternoon or a night, and it makes me appreciate these time components which most of the people don't appreciate". Would you agree with this statement?

Life is a routine, even shorter than we could imagine in our perception of time, so it's up to us to understand how to deal with it. The importance we give to every single moments in our everyday life may demonstrate the degree of our wisdom, our way of life, that we must put in the foreground and improve everyday. There is a morning in every day of our life,  a brief moment of the day/life, let's look at it as our youth… so do not waste it, as the night is coming. And if the night has gone and you still have not understood, well… do not despair then, as life is too short to let room for regret.

I understand there were some line-up changes?

At the end of recording of the “Upon this earth” album Mancan, who was the vocalist at that time left the band, so Valkiria returned to be a one man band for a little while. I began to take care of vocals like in the past years. One year later Mike joined the band bringing back again the line up as a duo.

You gave the spotlight to the instruments and not the vocals. When did it fit with the album's concept?

I always prefer to use the vocals only where they are really needed, I think we did a great work on the guitars and I wanted to give as much space as I could to them. In my opinion music speaks better than words.

What does VALKIRIA means to you personally?

Valkiria is the soundtrack of my life, I tend to relate the growth phases of my life with my records. I can say that my records are to me like the day phases of H.T.D.C., like the single different moments of life.

Instrumentally, besides of adding guitar solos, which I think it is most necessary, the dark point of view, the dark décor of this concept is amazing. Would you agree that maybe the story teller were actually the instrumental parts?

Yes I do, words end up to be a limit, the instrumental parts give us the possibility to go beyond, the real purpose was to let the listeners have the chance to create their own journey. I have only provided a starting point, but it is the listener that decides where to go with his (her) imagination, which is the engine and at the same time the only limitation.

How does it feel to release you very first video clip?

It was very funny to have a new wave to express our feelings, we didn’t want a classic video with the band playing in a garage, but to synthesize all the album concept in those five minutes, we have been committed quite a long time to find the most suitable places, and even the editing has been hard, eventually I think we did a great job, even if we had a limited budget.

 “Here the Day Comes”- Your best and favorite album?

I think we're improving with time and each album represents a step forward, probably with HTDC we made two steps at a time, and I can definitely think of it as our best album so far.

How would you describe the sound of VALKIRIA?

The album was labeled as a blend of gothic and doom, but apparently there is much confusion about the true definition of the two genres, also because they are in a constant evolution. Beyond what may be a purely journalistic definition, I've always defined my music just as dark atmospheric metal.

Any plans for the near future?

We recently completed our line up with session musicians, this fall we will be ready to go on tour, we haven't got any confirmed dates yet, but as soon as we can we will post the news.

Well, thank you so much for your time, Valkus, for an awesome interview! I wish you the best and good luck! And finally, any message to your fans?

Thank you and keep on supporting us, buying our cd from our web store 


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