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Veritates' Andreas Von Lipinski: "As long as I can write songs and can be creative and can make music with great people, I will keep going. Every year I have so many great concerts with any band, be it with cover bands or Wolfen, why should I give up?"

Interview with Andreas Von Lipinski from Veritates
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 January 2020, 10:35 PM

Finding a different side of one's self is always a mystery, because it is unknown if it will be for better or for worse. However, to experience something in order not to lose interest, or perhaps, to make sure continuity, that is more than a treat, that is a must. With the recent discovery of Veritates, Steinmetal talked to the veteran singer, Andreas Von Lipinski, also known from Wolfen, about this new band project and the new album coming up, "Killing Time".

Hello Andreas, it is a privilege for me to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing sir?

Hi everything's fine, how about you

Doing pretty fine sir, thank you for asking

For years I have known you as the front man of Wolfen, and I was rather surprised to learn about Veritates. I guess it is only inevitable to ask, how did this whole thing start? What was the motivation? What was missing in Wolfen that you felt the need to form Veritates? Would you say that this foundation is a sort of way to find yourself?

Veritates is a project by Tom Winter, a friend of mine, he wanted to do an album with different singers and guitarists. When he sent me the song which was made for me, I was on fire, I had so many Ideas, and I could make my own decisions and vision to fill in the song, without asking other bandmates, ha ha that was great. After a long conversation with Tom, we decided that I do 6 of 8 songs. It was so much fun I could do what I want, to craft melody lines and lyrics, it’s a kind of a solo album for me.

Wolfen is still Frank's and mine, nothing is missing we are still a real songwriting band. I´m totally happy with our last release ("Rise of the Lycans"). But Veritates is a baby of Tom and myself, and shows some other sides of my singing.

Signing with Pure Steel Records, which is also Wolfen’s label, seemed to me like a logical step, and furthermore due for the label to be a natural home for Veritates. When it comes to the aspect of promotion, what is your impression of the campaign going on to raise the awareness about Veritates and of course its debut album? Which form of promotion do you favor the most, especially in an age where the options seem unlimited?

In nowadays, it is rather difficult because there are thousands of bands. We just hope that this great record gets enough attention and somehow manages to stand out from the mass of releases.
Online magazines, print media and videos are all doing a good job, but today it is not possible to become better known without putting money in them

Veritates's debut album is titled "Killing Time", displayed with its rather apocalyptic styles scenery, I think it is obvious to think that we are sitting ducks, living our lives only to wait for our very own end. Is this what is it all about or is there another angle here?

Most of the songs already sound a little melancholic. But it is about the stroke of fate of people who still get up and continue fighting. It is less about the end of the world and more about gaining strength and continuing our way

When you talk about killing time, is there any reference in the reality that you created to what has been going on also closer to home, meaning in the German society? Perhaps to events in your personal life?

Killing time actually describes more the time in which we live in. The constant wars about religion and economic resources, coupled with the private aspect of the elderly, become related to illnesses or deaths around you when you approach 50. And of course, what do we leave behind for our, or my, children

I noticed that you didn’t take on a lead guitarist to your lineup, leaving Tom Winter as being the sole guitarist, yet taking care of the rhythm section. Was it an intentional decision or you just didn’t find the right guy for you?

Tom had 5 songs finished and wanted to have them recorded by different singers and guitarists, but then everything turned out differently. We both harmonized so well that we wrote 3 more songs together. After that I wrote the lyrics for all the songs and wrote the vocal melodies. Since Tom focused on songwriting and rhythm guitar, we have some guest guitarists and two guest singers. So suddenly it was Tom and my project. Jörg Belster took over the bass post, but unfortunately the planned drummer was able to participate for health reasons. So I just asked my friend Marcus Kniep from Grave Digger who spontaneously agreed to play the drums.

Finding that threshold between US driven Power Metal to Thrash Metal, on its classical ventures, appears natural to Veritates. However, while evidently recreating the last three decades of Metal, like the majority of bands, what do you think that Veritates bring to the table with its music?

I don't think the music is Thrash, for me it's more US Power Metal. I purposely didn't sing as hard as with Wolfen and the melodies are rather melancholic. It sounds rather old school but in connection with the modern sound we just try to transport this music to the present day. And we hope that young people will also like our music.

Where do you think are the musical twists within “Killing Time”? At times, does it break the chains of the mixture that you well created?

Basically, I never think about whether my ideas fit in any drawer. The songs get what they need and how I feel it fits. Basically we don't care what people call it afterwards. But I think it's just good metal with no frills. Like it or not, ha ha.

How would you describe the songwriting process of "Killing Time"? Is there a main songwriter or is it a total democracy?

There is no democracy in this band ha ha, Tom and I are the songwriters but the others got enough space for their own ideas, a little bit

Have you had any intrigues, or conflicts with any of the band members due to various ideas not used and of course ego struggles as this is an experienced musicians band?

Not really, because Tom and I are the band

Were there thoughts of going somewhat provocative in your songwriting, especially due to the highly invigorating epos of “Hangmen Also Die”?

“Hangmen Also Die” is also a song about people who fight for freedom. The story is about the assassination attempt on Reinhard Heydrich, the hangman of Prague. And because of the strengthening of patriotism in Europe, it is very topical. But as a band we don't want to be political, but food for thought should be allowed

Talking about that epic track, what can you tell about its creation? I am positive that it was somewhat of a challenge to come up with it? What were your inspirations to write it in the first place? How does the written music reflect the song’s lyrical concept in your opinion?

Tom had song idea in his head for 10 years, when he sent the song to me I thought, oh it will be difficult to find a suitable story for this. Then in the evening I saw a film about this monster Heydrich, the resistance and suffering of the people from Prague. It got me so busy that I started to write wildly, and I suddenly had way too much lyrics, but the whole story went so well with Tom's idea that it was almost scary

I am sure that you already listened to the album several times over. In light of that, would you have changed anything or are you pretty satisfied that this is the ultimate debut?

When you finally hear the finished result, you will always find things that would have been better done differently. If you then wait another 3 weeks, you will notice other things you could have done better, perfectionism never dies. However, we will no longer have guest singers on the next album. But for us it is nearly perfect.

Though you are a seasoned vocalist, which has been out there for quite some time, there are always new challenges. How do you find your vocal development in Veritates? Which angle of your voice did you find coming to life in this band in comparison to Wolfen?

I could sing here as I wanted without asking anyone, for me it was important to sound different from Wolfen. And when I heard the songs for the first time it was clear to me how the voice should sound. It should be less hard, much clearer than usual because I connected the songs a bit with old Queensryche or US Metal. That's how I wanted to sound and implemented it in my own style. Many people were very surprised that I can sing like that, which is probably because they only know me from Wolfen.

Your duet with Reinforcer’s Logan Lexi on “The Wild Hunt” is impressive, also the tune itself is a driving force of true Metal conviction. Also Niclas Stappert, also of Reinforcer, sliced with a shred. How did you find Lexi suitable to record alongside you? Any memories from the recording sessions that you would like to share? What is your appreciation of this song in overall?

Reinforcer wrote the lyrics for Wild Hunt, we did the recordings separately. At first, it was planned that he would sing alone, then the idea was that I would sing the song completely alone after I recorded the beginning for fun. But it was decided from the beginning that Reinforcer would implement the song in person, but it sounds so good to start together. It has become a rough, sleek metal song and we really like what the boys have contributed to it

A tough one for you to crack, which of the album’s song is the one that makes you think of the future? Please elaborate on your pick

Mostly “Hangmen Also Die”, but actually all the songs because it was so much fun to work on and it cries out for a sequel

As mentioned, you have been around the Metal scene for more than two decades, still living the underground end of scene. What still motivates you to go forward and create music? What gives you the drive to carry on, especially when the market has a tendency to modern trends?

I've been asked in so many interviews what I think of today's music scene, that I actually don't feel like answering it anymore. Nowadays there is only the first league and the second league and then all the rest comes that will never make it and will never make money with it. But at my age I don't care anymore. As long as I can write songs and can be creative and can make music with great people, I will keep going. Every year I have so many great concerts with any band, be it with cover bands or Wolfen, why should I give up? I played with so many bands from my youth, from Kreator to Iron Maiden, that should be enough reason to keep going.

Will there be Veritates shows in the coming future? Anything planned for 2020?

In 2020 we will probably not be able to do any shows but another album is planned for 2021 and then we will play some concerts with this line-up, now we wait and see how the album "Killing Time" will be accepted, and we will get rich and conquer the world.

Andreas, many thanks for your time and effort on this interview. I wish you guys the best of luck in this venture with Veritates. Cheers



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