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Vincent Crowley (Acheron)

Interview with Vincent Crowley from Acheron
by Thodoris Pantazopoulos at 13 August 2004, 10:36 PM

Acheron's among those bands with an important historical significance for the aggressive genre of Death Metal. Under the haunting vocals of Vincent Crowley, Acheron has been spreading its evil message for more than 15 years. A band which was more into music for music itself rather than fortune thus always had an underground aroma. Thodoris interviewed Vincent Crowley via e-mail and here's what he had to say about the band, himself (and Satanism), recent concert cancellations and more!

 As it seems 2004 proves to be a very creative year for Acheron. After the latest studio release Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood, you now come up with a 2 disk compilation. That’s quite impressive after so many years of existence.

Well, this year has been an important one for Acheron. It has been sort of a rebirth in any ways. We had to shed some skin to reveal our new flesh. It has indeed been a productive year. The new album ’Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood’ came out in the beginning of the year and this double-CD compilation Decade Infernus 1988-1998 keeps the flames burning throughout the summer. Basically, this year is showing that Acheron is back and we are not going to go away! We are now working on material for our next album. So we will be back!

Your sound surely ranks you in the extreme field of Metal. Ultra extreme lyrics, violent, aggressive music but despite these facts you are releasing a best of of your career’s 1st decade. Isn’t this a bit unusual for a band which is not so commercial?

Not at all. It is a way to give fans old and new a chance to hear the band through various stages of our career. And with 32 songs offered on this limited 3000 copies pressed release, I thing it will give them a good chance to do so. It also helps to close that chapter of the past, so we can move on to the future.

What’s the reason for choosing songs from your 1st decade as a band and not giving your fans a retrospect of your career until now, including songs from the superb latest album?

Because a lot of our older material is out of print or hard to get. The new stuff just came out and is still very much available. It was also a way to document the first 10 years of the band. Hopefully there will be a lot more music for a 2nd decade.

What’s your point of view about all those Death Metal bands that show a lyrical persistence with rotten sculls, mutilated bodies and generally with the picturesque anatomy of the human body? Make a contrast between them and Acheron’s approach to music.

An artist should write about things that appeal to them. Whether it be Occult, Gore, Religious or Political ones, the person writing them must feel a connection with them. I like all kinds of Metal. And Gore lyrics are fine with me. Bands like Cannibal Corpse and Impaled do excellent jobs. My music is based around The Occult, Satanism and my feelings towards white light religions.

Don’t you feel angry and disappointed from the conversely proportional effect of your music in opposition to the band’s 15 year unstoppable career? Do you have the feeling that you might deserve something better after so many years of quality releases?

Sure, but it is my decision to continue. Some bands make a decent living doing this, with touring and such. Acheron is not one of these bands. We have had many bad recording deals and no support from most of them. But in a way, it keeps our music a lot more sincere. We do it for the music, not for the money.

Most people involved with Acheron, will surely know that before them you were part  of one of the most intelligent Death Metal acts ever, Nocturnus. What’s the story concerning your departure back then?

It just wasn’t my thing. It was a great band to be a part of, but I like to be the Alpha in the band. I got to work with some cool people in Nocturnus, but it really wasn’t a dark enough band for me. Actually, I still had a lot of soul searching to do after I left the band. I feel I found what I wanted in Acheron.

What is to be told about Metal nowadays? Do you believe that there are bands with potential out there that can become the legends of the future, like most of the bands that popped out during the 80s?

Indeed. Every generation has those few classic bands that stand the test of time.

You were a member of the Church of Satan but left because (according to your statements) you felt tired of seeing all those people try to take command after Lavey’s death. Aren’t you bothered in general by what people might say about you knowing that you’ve stated that you belong to Satan?

Just because I am not a member of the Church Of Satan, doesn’t mean I’m not still a Satanist. In fact, I feel I am much more of a Satanist now.

 There was a pile of canceled concerts for Acheron this year, what caused such a misfortune?  

We had three fucked up shows. First was the Columbus, Ohio show that was cancelled due to a Death Threat made by some idiotic caller. The club freaked out and took us off the bill. The 2nd one was a fest in Poland that we never said we were going to play. The promoter talked to our drummer Kyle when he was over in Europe playing some shows with Incantation. He told the guy he’d ask the band. But the guy took it for granted that we would do it. But we couldn’t, due to us being booked to do the Under The Black Sun Fest, which was the last nightmare. The promoters for that show fucked us over big time. They waited until the last minute to tell us that they were unable to pay for our plane tickets to come over and play. They are a bunch of faggot ass poseurs that have no fucking guts! They are scum. But you live and learn.


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