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Interview with Vulvathrone from Vulvathrone
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 28 July 2007, 10:21 AM

It was a while ago when I had the chance to review the debut album of a band totally unknown to me. Their weird name (VULVATHRONE) and their more than porn Grind album title Bukkake was indicative for what I would face. Even though such band usually annoy me and their album's end up in my garbage list, these guys kicked the living shit out of me and I really wanted to interview them, even via mail. Mail interviews with such guys suck, because you lose the whole fun! I hope I will have the chance to drink some beers with them in the near future. Enjoy them!

Hello guys! Nice work on your debut album! Really, what’s the story behind VULVATHRONE?

(Laughs) What story?

Well, it all began approximately 5-6 years ago when Temnovid (lyrics, ex-vocals) and Saso (vocals, guitars) started toying with the idea of forming a mock porno grindcore band. This was shortly after both of them left behind their somewhat more blackish past (READ: ’em two faggots were listening to black fuckin’ metal) and started focusing more on the poppin’-and-grindin’ part of the metal scene. The very name was coined on one of the drunken nights that sparkled up many a somber day back then and is a pun aimed at one of the protagonist bands of the black metal scene, DARKTHRONE. The specifics of the very re-naming process are rather blurred, so it is impossible to say how it came to be that the adjective dark was replaced by vulva but it sounded catchy, gay and colorful so it was agreed that it was a suitable name for the lil-band-wanna-be.

After a while, what was once a vague and blurry idea gained more and more distinctness and clarity. We developed the concept further, agreeing that we would use the band as a platform to express our fascination with the blasphemous lore of pornography and gore. The porno-grindcore medium suited our cause beautifully and helped us put the matter into proper form. Understandably, Matko (drums) added new vigor to the musical part of the idea (ehm, aren’t we clever?). The aggressiveness, harshness and atonality of the music, fused with the grotesque images inspired by the darkest corners of human sexuality, produced the very blend with strived for.

After that, the band started producing material, recording, performing… Some band members came and went - Mataj, the first bass player decided to give up all his worldly possessions and join a monastery (ok, in reality, he decided to join a hardcore band - but after experiencing the real stuff, i.e. VULVATHRONE, is this decision of his really that different from joining a monastery?), Jupol, the first back-guitarist, went to the woods and became a troll (really, he did that), Davor turned into a little girl and went to Max Hardcore to do a movie with him (you can see him performing in Max Faktor 21) - while the others came and… well, stayed. Anyhow, the current line-up is as follows:

Saso Herman (guitars, vocals)
Blaz Gradinski (bass, vocals)
Matjaz Kamnicar (drums)

(Temnovid is no longer an active member but still writes lyrics for the band and is also responsible for some other stuff; like, for example, answering the interviews and making coffee *grumbles*)

How did you manage to sign a contract with On Parole Productions?

With a band as famous and as great as VULVATHRONE, you really have to ask? Grinz.Well, Cop, the head (funny word, eh? why not, say, ear? or a nose? or a gut for that matter?) of On Parole Records, heard our demo (*cough* alongside the fact that he knows Saso personally *cough*) and found it worthwhile, so we discussed the matter and agreed that once we record our first full-length we would release it under On Parole Productions. There ya have it. The big secret revealed.

From the logo, the cover and the whole style in general, it seems you really like sex! Has this fact been a negative factor for the way people face you?

We have had some negative responses at the show but mostly people dig our stuff. Some find it funny other a turn-on. We cheer for the latter group!

Despite you are a band from Slovenia, a country with not so famous Metal history and this is just your debut album, you have managed to create a pretty good album and a more than just decent production. Is there any special recipe behind all this?

Mhm, lots of porridge, lubricant, green lettuce, old cars, hard work, teamwork and a guitar player who is gay (come on, Saso don’t frown, it is alright, we still like you).

What is your opinion on today’s Grindcore scene?

Personally, I don’t listen to grindcore as much as I used to, so it would not be fair for me to pass judgments on the matter. Though, every now and again, I still like to put on some good old porn (cyber) grind, such as GUT, CBT, LIBIDO AIRBAG, NUNWHORE, COMMANDO 666. I know Herman (who is responsible for most the musical pieces) is very much into death grind (DYING FETUS, MISERY INDEX, LIVIDITY, also DISGORGE etc.), while Gradinski is more into old school grind/crust (old NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, CRASS etc). I would say most guys would agree there are lots of cool bands out there, but also the scene is infested with myriad of clones who have nothing substantial to offer and are just reproducing the same old shit seen and heard before.

Which bands have influenced your music? I noticed some DISGORGE and some REGURGITATE stuff!

Musically, we were influenced by many bands - from CARCASS and NAPALM DEATH to DYING FETUS, DISGORGE etc. etc. Lyrically, our greatest influence (band-wise) were the porn-masters - GUT. Other than that, our major influence was the pornographic lore.

What are your plans now? Did you schedule any tours or you will just relax, rest and prepare for a possible second album?

There will definitely be some touring and some hardcore gigs in the near future, so the relaxing summer is out of the game. However, Herman and Matko are speedily creating fresh material for the second album which will very probably see the light of the day next year.

Why did you choose the name Bukkake for your album?

One of the fetishes we were fascinated with by the time. If anyone reading this is unclear as to the meaning of the word bukkake, my advice would be to look it up on  Wikipedia and stop listening to porno grindcore altogether.

How hard is it for a Metal band to become famous in Slovenia?

It is a pretty small country so it is safe to say it is pretty damn hard to get noticed. Only a small percentage of the metal community is drawn to the grindcore part of the scene and you really do have to make a statement with your shows and your material if you want to be noticed. Hard work, talent (yeah, we wish lol) and a bit of luck, of course, can get you into the spotlights though.

What kind of music are you listening to except from extreme stuff?

Mostly the guys listen to metal and some hardcore, possibly also punk (Gradinski) stuff. Personally, I’m also keen on (electro) industrial, some ambient stuff and good old 70’s and 80’s disco. Yeah, pretty gay.

What is your opinion on the music vs. internet matter?

Hm, not sure what ye’re aiming at.

Thank you for your time! All the best for VULVATHRONE! I leave the last words to you…

We’d like to thank Kolmanko for directing our video, Tilen for helping us with the sound on our debut, MiKK crew for being such a funny gay bunch and all the fans out there. Herman would also like to thank the meek sheep of Malta for providing him with such unforgettable pleasures back in the days of yore. Also - porn porn porn, dildo, asshole, cum, yo-yo, weapon of choice, anal sex,, pink color, virgin lesbo sex, greasy, orgy, facial; and stay in school! Oh, yeah, and check our site @ for the latest goings on in the god-forsaken camp of ours.


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