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Vynce Leff (Whyzdom)

Interview with Vynce Leff from Whyzdom
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 13 March 2013, 11:08 AM

Parlais vous francais messieurs et mesdemoiselles? Even if you don’t it is ok because you will have no problem understanding WHYZDOM this brilliant Symphonic Metal band from France. Blind? is their sophomore album full of powerful compositions with the stunning female vocals of Elvyne Lorient. Vynce Leff, the general mastermind of WHYZDOM, was interviewed by Kati and below a lot of interesting stuff are revealed about the band.

Hey Bonjour Vynce! Thank you very much for your time for this interview. It's pleasure for Metal Temple web magazine. How did the idea for the name of the band come up? What WHYZDOM exactly means?

It was based on the word “Wisdom”. But to be sure to have a unique name, we tried to twist it a little bit. Using the word “Why” sounded very good to us, so that’s how it came up.

 “Blind?” is the title of your new album. Any hidden message behind it? Can you please share your thoughts about the lyrics on it?

Firstly, this is an album about how blind people (including ourselves) can be about what’s around them. It seems that almost everyday, I can witness such attitude. But it is also an album about second-sight, and how it feels to be able to “see” clearer than other people. This is particularly the case for the mythical character Cassandra, who can foresee the future, but is condemned by gods to never get believed.

With which of the songs do you identify most?

Indeed, there are some characters in the songs which are based on real people. I would say that “The Spider” is the one that means a lot to me.

Have you ever thought about requesting a special guest from famous band to play with you on your new album? Do you have in plans to cooperate with a real symphony orchestra and record album for example like Metallica „S&M” or Scorpions „Acoustica”?

Yes, we have thought about having special guests. Our friend Lisa Middelhauve for example, or we would have liked to ask Charlotte Wessels from Delain, but with the line-up problems we encountered, our plans have been ever moving, so it was difficult to make anything like this really happen. As for having a real symphonic orchestra, definitely yes, it will happen at some point. Maybe for our third album.

Do you have any plans for the future on recording songs in your native tongue?  

No, we’ll continue using English, which is now some sort of standard “common” language. It’s much better for us, because without it, we could not reach such a large audience.

Can you describe the composing process in WHYZDOM? Is it a long process made by all of the band or a single person writes everything?

First of all, I need to write lyrics. Not necessarily definitive lyrics, but just enough to give an idea of the feelings, the emotions, we want to express. Then, I and the guys work on different song ideas that I eventually gather at home. From that material, I start working on harmony, melodic lines and orchestra colour. Most of the time, I refine metal riffs and orchestra later, but together, so that they are really coherent. We then finalize the song structure with all the band live. Once this is done, I work on the final orchestration.

What are your inspirations? How long have been into Metal / Rock? Any special favourite band that fills you?

My metal and rock inspirations come more from pure progressive metal and progressive rock, than from any other female fronted metal bands. This is quite logical since this is the scene I basically came from, many many years ago (probably more than 20 years). Reference bands include for example Pink Floyd, Queen, Marillion, Dream Theater.

Within the WHYZDOM lineup there are 6 members, including one female. How do you feel in the company of such a beautiful and energetic female person?

As you know, we have had several lead vocalist changes. So I just hope Marie, our brand new singer, will be the definitive one. She’s great, and more important than beauty, she has a real sense of commitment and generosity towards the whole band and the fans. She’s a person that I feel we can rely on, with all our confidence for many many years. And obviously, everyone noticed in the video demo we put online that she’s got a great voice, with a fantastic energy, and a nice biting tone.

A general question, what do you think is most important in life other than what you do?

Family is the most important thing. People we love. If it was really needed to take care of my family, I could stop making music. I don’t see why it would happen of course, but really, my children are my top priority.

Do you spend time with your fans after concerts?  

Of course we do. We don’t even think of them as “fans”, but more as “friends”. It’s really cool after the show to feel that friendship between us.

Thanks for your time on taking this interview. I wish you & all band WHYZDOM everything the best and hope to see you live on tour. Do you have any special wish or send greetings to your fans?

Yes, I would like to thank them again for their patience with Whyzdom. I know some of you were surprised and worried lately. But well, Whyzdom will never stop. We are now whole again with Marie, and we are eager to meet you on the road very soon.


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