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Waldemar Sorychta (Enemy Of The Sun)

Interview with Waldemar Sorychta from Enemy Of The Sun
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 07 January 2008, 7:47 AM

Waldemar Sorychta is a name that should ring a bell in your mind bringing on front the name GRIP INC. Sorychta just formed the new Thrash based band ENEMY OF THE SUN and released the debut Shadows. METAL TEMPLE as always contacted him to get some inside info; enjoy!

 Greetings from METAL TEMPLE! I have to give you my sincere congratulations on the Shadows album! What is the feedback so far?

The feedback is great so far. Absolutely. But the most important thing is we are happy as hell. Any feedback will not change the record.

 Does this album sound like it did, when it was in your mind? Is there something that you’d like to change?

I am not leaving the studio when I am not 100% sure that’s the way it has to be.There are always many ways to record and mix an album but it always has to serve the music not somebody’s ego.

 Please take some time to introduce the band to the METAL TEMPLE readers.

I will start with Jules, the singer. He comes from Finland, Helsinki and in my eyes is one of the best singers I have met. People still ask me if we have two or even three singers in this band because his range is absolutely bright.  Daniel is a drummer who gives me the possibilities to make songs with any speed and any style. He plays his drums powerful, enthusiastic, groovy and very precise. Alla, which I know for years makes this band complete is not just a good playing bass cheek no, she is a good looking and playing cheek hahaha. No, serious, Alla is a great musician. Besides bass, she also plays  piano and that makes her music view much different and deeper. But on the end all together we make ENEMY OF SUN. The first live show we did, straight in front of 1200 people supporting MEGADETH did blow me away. Amazing people and great musicians. That’s like paradise for me to make songs without setting any borders.  

 Why did you decide to form ENEMY OF THE SUN? I mean you are already a member to EYES OF EDEN.

EYES OF EDEN is a band which shows a different side of me. It was planned from the beginning to bring up all melodic parts. EYES OF EDEN is something that I can’t live without. Basically music is something i can’t live without and music has so many doors. Every thought gives a birth to a new song. There is no life for me without EYES OF EDEN.

 There is a distinct GRIP INC feeling all over the album and if I may add in the guitars with the trademark artificial harmonic of yours! Did this happen on purpose or it just happened?

When I write songs I am not thinking about reactions, reviews… I am just in my element, music. The music comes always from inside and is never made for the outside. I thing when music is just styled the heart of it dies. When you hear my guitars in my music that is a good thing, isn’t it? I play those guitars. Bad would be when you couldn’t.

 You are involved in many things; you’re a producer, a songwriter, a guitar player and a singer; what do you prefer to do?

Music. All those you wrote are parts of music. The most creative and productive part is for sure composing. During composing a song a play, sing and sometimes already produce, so basically it unites all those things in one; music.

 Connecting to above question, where do you prefer to be in the studio composing music or upon the stage performing in front of some die hard fans?

Stage is an exciting place but you have to see the whole side. This one hour on stage brings twenty three hours on the road. There is not much to do in this time. I wish to spend more time with music on tour. Studio is the birth of every record. It’s exciting on the other side because every day you complete a next part of it till is done. The most pleasant part for me is and will always be, composing. I am making music not to prove that I can but because there isn’t other way.

 Who is responsible for the lyrics and the music in Shadows? What are the lyrics about?

Almost all of the lyrics are Jules work. Lost in time comes from my hand. All those lines looking over the dark side of humanity. The title Shadows shows already the direction. Overall, they have a positive message but should bring you  a deeper view about few things in our life.

 During the composing process who is coming first; the music or the lyrics?

Always the music! Good melody is good melody. You can change a line to a melody. To change a good melody just to fit a line will be kind of stupid.

 Ok you have to be honest on this; what is like having a woman in a metal band? Are there any difficulties, especially for her, touring with a bunch of smelly Metalheads?

Who says the we smell, hey? She loves touring with a bunch of good smelling good looking guys. hahaha

 You have added some really strange breaks and changes in Shadows that personally reminded something from FAITH NO MORE; did you have an initial plan regarding the musical direction when you were writing the songs in Shadows?

This band with this musicians gives me the absolutely freedom in any musical direction. Jules’ voice has sometime a little touch of FAITH NO MORE. That’s fantastic and why should we hide this side?

 There is a wide range in the vocals; from aggressive almost Black to more melodic clean ones; do these vocals belong to a single throat? I mean is Jules Naveri the only voice in the album?

I do some backing vocals parts, some, but not because of the range, because the voice sounds bit different. We have to do it live anyway. The rest is all made by just one person; Jules. Amazing, isn’t it?

Usually when I am writing an album review I am using labels to characterize the music and help the readers to get the whole picture; in this one I did not manage to find the proper label; can you help me a little bit by describing the music in the Shadows album?

Great sounding band.

 Is there any chance to see another GRIP INC album in the future? Are you still in contact with the rest of the band?

Future is something I can’t touch. You never know what will happen in a year. I plan for a short time so I can see the results and I know that is possible. I don’t like to spend time with questions what will happen in 4 years? I live now and there where my focus goes. But yes, we still have contact.

During your works as a producer did you face any difficulties with any of the bands you’ve cooperated with? I mean without pointing fingers did you have any rough moments in the studio?

I never enter the studio when I am not sure everything will work. Usually, we have a great atmosphere in studio with every band. It’s very important to work with people who like your work. I am not working only on music in a studio; overall I am working with people.

 If you had to choose the best album that you produced; what would it be? And is there one that you wish you haven’t?

Of course I would say right now Shadows. It wouldn’t be fair to the other albums. I always give 100% which makes every album best for the time. But is always very special for me to make my own music.

 You have booked a seat on the ’Wacken 2008’ festival; what are the rest of the ENEMY OF SUN tour plans?

As a newcomer band you are in a situation without many choices. We are working hard right now to be a part of a good tour and we hope for one or two in beginning of 2008. But this isn’t in our hands. The festival situation is exploding. Just few days ago ’With Full Force’ confirmed ENEMY OF THE SUN. I thing 2008 will bring many things but we have to be patient.

 I can still remember the GRIP INC live performance here in Greece! Do you remember anything from that day? And are you still performing like that?

Of course I do. I still have it on video. It was fantastic. I am not saying this to get in your ass, no, it was fantastic.

 That’s all from me! I wish you the best for the New Year and I hope that you will get Greece in your tour program. Close this nice interview with a message to our readers.

Music without soul is like fire with no heat, like water with no weaves, is like earth with no life.


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