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War Dogs' Eduardo Anton: "We did a really shitty show playing some AC/DC songs and we even didn't have drums…"

Interview with Eduardo Anton from War Dogs
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 08 January 2020, 11:04 PM

It is always a matter of approach, starting something new in order not to regret it later on why and how. Forming a new band can be a tricky, and even a sort of a headache, type of ordeal. However, when things slowly began to unfold, and come out nicely, it is rather exciting. War Dogs from Spain, being one of the new groups in town, are coming in with their debut, "Die By My Sword", proving that Traditional Metal lives and breathes. Steinmetal talked to Eduardo Anton of the band about this new venture, a little history lesson, interests and more…

Cheers Eduardo, I am pleased to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing mate?

Hey! Everything is alright, is a pleasure to be here.

Just a little while ago I came to know War Dogs, through your label, Fighter Records. With being fairly new in the Metal scene, whether locally in Spain, and worldwide, what can you tell about the formation of the band? How did your journey begin? What motivated you to start the band in the first place?

It has been a very long journey. The first seed for War Dogs was sown back when Manu (bass) and me were at school. We did a really shitty show playing some AC/DC songs and we even didn't have drums hahaha. But after that the both of us continue to play music together and we meet Jose (drums) because our parents know each other. Later on, an ex-girlfriend of mine introduce me to Alberto (vocals) and then was the moment when we decided to stop all the playing-covers stuff to start being a true band. Enrique (guitars) would come a year after this, at the end of 2017.

When I listened to your music, Satan and Blitzkrieg, were the first bands that I could think of, also partially due to your vocalist’s Brian Ross vocal pattern. Perhaps a heavier and speedier version of the Brits. However, I am sure that you can tell the readers more about the Metal music that you appreciate and the kind that influenced you the most. Please do tell

In fact, you're not wrong, because Satan is one of my all-time favorite bands hahaha. I really love "Court in the Act" and "Life Sentence". Besides that, I grew up listening to a lot of traditional heavy metal and NWOBHM bands. Stuff like Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, Diamond Head, Accept, Hell, Riot… and later on I discovered epic heavy metal, becoming Manilla Road one of my favs. Also, I have read some reviews saying that my soloing and guitar harmonies are inspired by Iron Maiden, but I think they're wrong. I love Maiden, but I believe that mi harmonies come from the realms of Thin Lizzy, my favorite band, and my favorites in terms of guitar soloing are Mark Reale from Riot, Jake E Lee, Johm Sykes and KK Downing.

Talking about your music, in the beginning of the coming year, War Dogs is about to release its debut album, “Die By My Sword”. I guess that you went for the strong title not because it sounds cool, yet there is something deeper. What basis of your fascination with epic tales and eposes? Which kind of epics are you into? That kind that also influenced you when it comes to the lyrics.

I really love all kinds of mythology. I think that my fascination with this kind of stuff began when I was a child, with the Conan movies and comics and, although it sounds kind of weird, with a videogame called "Age of Empires: Mythology". Later on I started reading all the Greek mythos that I have used on my lyrics (Medusa in "Gorgon Eyes", Icarus in "Wings of Fire", the tale of the Minotaur in "Wrath of Theseus") and I saw some movies that were so influential for me, like Jason and the Argonauts. And now I'm researching about the mythology of other cultures like Japan, so in the next albums we will have more variety.

 “Die By My Sword” also marks your signing with a substantial local label, Fighter Records. How did this connection start? Was there a mutual interest upon signing into the label’s roster?

We contacted with Fighter Records directly, sending them all the album and the cover. The interest was there since the beginning and we're very happy with it.

Since nowadays, nearly every artist that can put out an EP or an album on his own, sometimes not even in a physical form but digitally online. Therefore, there is no need for a label. In your perspective, what are the advantages by signing with a label?

I believe that the main advantages are that there is someone behind you that takes care of the advertising and the making of the physical copies. With the money that we save we can do a lot of other things, like merch or improve our stage presence.

What is your input regarding the promotional process of “Die By My Sword”? Which of the platforms that are in use in the present do you find as the most beneficial? The platform that can actually get the word out about the band and album in the best possible way, coverage concerned

I believe that YouTube is the platform that keeps the flame alive. Anderson Thiago, the guy behind the channel NWOTHM Full Albums is making an awesome job to get this young bands to the world.

 “Die By My Sword” deploys a stream of energetic NWOBHM styled music, without surpassing on melodies, and the overall atmosphere that is nicely preserved of that fine era of the early 80s. In your view, since there have been countless of bands that have been pretty much showing a direction that isn’t that far from yours, what makes this album more special than the others?  What do you believe that War Dogs bring to the table with its Heavy Metal devotion?

I believe that "Die By My Sword" is the album that I would like to listen to. Maybe there are other bands with influences of epic heavy metal, NWOBHM, hard rock like Thin Lizzy, etc. But my objective is to blend all that bands that I love in only one album, and I think that's something that we don't usually see.

Which musical elements on “Die By My Sword” were brought to attention while writing the material? How do you think that the band progressed since its early EP?

I believed that we have evolved a lot since the EP. We have the same influences and the same working method, but then we were just learning. I believe that the first song that help me learning how to compose was "Immortal's Lamment".

How would you describe the overall songwriting process in War Dogs, and on “Die By My Sword” in particular? Would you say that War Dogs is a democratic band, where the entire lineup works on the songwriting together?

Usually I (or the member that has composed the song) records a video playing the song, the rest learn it and then in the rehearsal room we put it together democratically. But sometimes we draw some ideas in the rehearsal room and the song keeps flowing, like in the case of "Ready to Strike".

What is your personal approach towards writing a riff, or a lead guitar solo? How do you find your inspirations? Mainly listening to music perhaps until an idea just barges in or it just hits you?

Most of the times I've got an idea on my mind, then I record an audio on my mobile phone singing it to not forget it, then I try to transcribe it to the guitar and finally I make some arrangements to it.

 “Wings Of Fire” is one of your strongest numbers, unleashing merciless classic Speed Metal attack that holds no grudge for the upcoming obliteration. What is your input on this destructive tune?

That tune has a long history. The intro was composed when I was 15 or so, and then the rest of the song was completely different. When we were composing the album I remembered this tune and I loved the intro, but the rest was so fucking horrible, so I kind of mixed another song that I have with that intro and the result was so freaking amazing. Is one of my favorites to play live.

To which track on this album do you find yourself connected to? That track that touches your spirituality. Please elaborate on your pick

"Kill the Past" without a doubt. It talks about some personal issues I had in the past, with some people that aren't in my life anymore. I wrote the song as some king of therapy session, and in the end it has become one of my favorites.

 “The Shark” is a track that you guys wrote as a tribute to the recently deceased Mark Shelton of the Manilla Road juggernauts, and were also able to patch in the band’s latest vocalist, Bryan Patrick. Was it the original plan to write a tribute track? How did the contact with Patrick was made?

Honestly, no hahaha I wrote the main riff so many years ago, like with 14 years. Then, when we were composing the album I recycled it and made the rest of the song about that riff, which is one of my favorites of mine. When we were putting it together someone said that the riff reminded him of Manilla Road and Necropolis and I was like "oh my God, these dudes influenced me even before I listened to them". At that time was when we decided to make it a tribute to Mark Shelton, because we all love Manilla Road and is one of our main influences.

Looking forward, let’s say five years from now, where do you see War Dogs heading?

I'm realistic, I know that heavy metal is not as big as it was back in the day, but I would love to keep making music like friends and banging live to all the maniacs around the globe!

This coming year, what your plans regarding supporting the new album? Where is War Dogs expected to perform?

Right now we are planning a tour in Spain with other great Spanish heavy metal bands, and I hope that we could perform in Europe. But I'm not allowed to speak about all that stuff yet hahaha.

What can you tell about the live stage act of War Dogs? What makes this experience divine?

We have no mercy with our public hahaha. We play almost uninterrupted all the show. Is a very energetic and fun experience to us, and people seem to love it.

Eduardo, I wish to thank you for this interview. Old school Heavy Metal is in your hands, and I am positive that you will continue making the best of it. Cheers.

Cheers, thanks!



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