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Warpath's Dirk Weiss: "Striving for power, greed, are not exactly companions of justice, humanity, understanding and love"

Interview with Dirk Weiss from Warpath
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 April 2022, 2:17 PM

To question, or to doubt, is not be willing to take everything as it is, but rather coarse and challenge what is considered to be a version of a truth. When there someone dictating what should be, it is only natural that even a minority would have enough vigor, and guts, to call upon for a different opinion. The next stage of the German Thrash / Death Metal band, Warpath, was sent recently with “Disharmonic Revelations”. Steinmetal had a good chat with the veteran vocalist, Dirk Weiss, about how he perceives the album's world, along with opinions of the current state of affairs.

Hello Dirk, it is a pleasure to have you for this interview for Metal Temple online Magazine, how have you been doing sir?

Hello, thank you very much, I'm fine and it's cool that we do an interview together

If it wasn’t bad enough for the Covid-19 era, which is still not over really, there is now the war in the Ukraine that has been slowly affecting the surrounding areas, and let’s hope not the world. From where you are sitting, is this a sort of trail of bad luck or there is something wicked coming in that we aren’t seeing?

The pandemic was the last thing that could happen. People like to argue about the culprits and the theories of origin and much debate. Bad enough that people have died from or in connection with. I think it's a disease, an infection that exists. We have to learn to live with it. I, myself, have had it twice to get sick and am vaccinated twice. I just hope that all these measures and rules disappear from our everyday lives.

The Ukraine war is the most unnecessary, sad and worst thing that could have happened to the people there. The reasons are "shit doesn't matter", and when a government feels compelled to do such a thing, it is not able to see how much more worth peace is than all the suffering that has been and is being inflicted on the people there.. It is more than evil.

Following the last two years of Covid, how were you able to maintain the integrity of Warpath? In particular as it wasn’t possible to perform live, needless to say to find it hard to work, or record new material.

Nevertheless, we met to make music, also composed independently of each other and weren't one after the other in groups of two in the studio. Not being able to play live is a deprivation, which is incredibly fun, is it a part of the life of every artist and is the reward for much that you have invested in hours of time and dedication. We were lucky enough to still have work, many have lost their existence….

After the celebrations of the band’s 30th year, along with a late 2020 release to commemorate the occasion, were you able to find a leeway within the lockdowns, and restrictions, to properly perform, at least a single show for that purpose?

No, unfortunately not. We played two streaming shows in 2020. all festivals were cancelled and postponed until next year. So, it was with our own shows … cancelled, postponed, cancelled!
What can you tell about the chief narrative the guides “Disharmonic Revelations” through? How does this narrative, or narratives, sit with your belief system and how you view what is going on in the world?

Lies, sowing discord, dividing, with the aim of overthrowing governments, inciting people, provoking disputes, existed thousands of years ago. Striving for power, greed, are not exactly companions of justice, humanity, understanding and love.

How would you say that the state of affairs of the last two years made their effect on the philosophical nature of the album or does “Disharmonic Revelations” serve as a measure of escapism for you guys in order to fend off reality and create a sort of a personal universe for the album?

It is less about the philosophical pages, more about the questioning of old parables! Of course, it is a kind of defensive attitude that we have against a reality as it presents itself to us today. Not against everything and everyone, but certainly on the topics we describe with our music, at least for those who are concerned with social issues. Otherwise, all this would most likely eat us up.

Ever since 1992, if I am not mistaken, you haven’t had in the Warpath line up two guitarists, and it was quite a surprise to find out that went back to the twin axemen shindig on “Disharmonic Revelations”.  What changed your perception this time around, after three decades, to head back to that line up setting? Was it merely the need for more power to the songs or something else?

Actually, many of our songs have been composed and recorded since the reunion in such a way that they should have been played by two guitarists if you wanted to fully consider the quality level of the records live. Now that two new guitarists are part of the Warpath line-up, it's no longer a problem!

Given the fact that now Warpath has two guitar players, the band’s mixture of style of Thrash Metal meets Groove clinging to Death Metal elements is chunkier and even more destructive  than earlier. How do you find this new wall of sound as a contributor to the Warpath musical progress on “Disharmonic Revelations”?

It is certainly the first impression that this album leaves. But if you give the album a few more runs, you'll notice how much the drum work has improved as a result, here and there melodies and guitar solos crown the songs that might otherwise have been just a construct! To see the whole thing as musical progress can certainly say in terms of instrumentation, and the songwriting seems fresher, more spontaneous and different. Which is another step.

Other than the heaviness, there is a fine measure of diversity within the songs. Sure, the powerful groove dominates, devouring with its influence. However, there are elements in the music that portray a certain change of perception. What is your take on that?

This is certainly due to the fact that the new album was composed by people who previously had less influence on the songwriting. Especially… Norman, Roman and Claudio. With their way of composing, playing, the three of them certainly have been a musical cosmos of Warpath revived

In your view, what makes “Disharmonic Revelations” a mature album in contrast to its previous records?

More technical, contemporary, socially-related

One of the things that aren’t an easy task is to find that cohesion between the music and the lyrics. Musically, “Disharmonic Revelations” is an assaulting barrage that is definitive and relentless. In your view, how does the written music fit the lyrical concepts of the songs? How does the aggressive manner of the tunes go hand in hand with the messages generated by these songs?

I wrote most of the lyrics after receiving the instrumental version of the album. This means that the music awakens the unworked in me, I conceive thoughts and ideas and process them into lyrics

Earlier we talked about challenges to perform live, along with writing and recording material. For “Disharmonic Revelations”, I guess that the main songwriting sessions were in the lockdown phases, or at least some of them. How were you able to accomplish the writing sessions, needless to say to properly record? Was it a sort of a home effort, each band member with his own gear?

The majority of the songs were written in the rehearsal room, while jamming. A few were finished or ideas, which were finally arranged by the whole band. The recordings in the studio were made in groups of two, or I was sometimes even alone with the producer during the vocal recordings.

With yourself being the band’s veteran, and founding member, throughout your career as the band’s vocalist you saw a lot, got to know and understand things. Nonetheless, every time there is something new to learn, whether in songwriting, or recording. What did the experience of “Disharmonic Revelations” teach you?

For me it was a challenge to write the lyrics in four weeks and record them within three days. I liked the surprising, fresh, and to create. In addition, there was a new producer, a new environment. In terms of songwriting and the guys completely alone, without me in the studio, it wasn't easy either. I would have liked to have been there.  So, it was necessary to trust and to be able to let go until I was allowed to hear the instrumental result

 “The Unpredictable Past” is one hell of an interesting song, certainly not a Warpath kind of tune that anyone would expect. It is obscure in a way, delivering influences, which I guess not all of them are Metal by nature. What can you tell about this track in particular? Isn’t it a little off-shoot of what you are used to?

The basic idea comes from our drummer Norman. he wanted something quieter at the end of the album, which it didn't necessarily become. The song is very emotional. But, it has similar style elements to all the other songs.

“Decisions Fall” and “MMXX” are two of my favorite tracks on “Disharmonic Revelations”. Both share quality riffs, massiveness that is untamed and highly profound. What can you tell in regards to the creative process of each of the tracks? Why did “MMXX” receive a special treatment with another version?

The basic riff of "Decisions Fall" comes from our bass player. The band then made the complete song what it became. A mix of traditional power metal paired with hardcore and blast beats.  "MMXX" had no guitar solo on the end part in the original studio version, so it was my idea to shorten the song. This has become the alternate version, the bonus track. The solo is then retrospectively by a guitarist friend, Rafael Dobbs , recorded by Detractor. He already helped out at a few concerts in 2019 when we didn't have a guitarist. We get along very well with him, he liked the idea to add a few solos to the album, and the result can be heard.

With hopes that the War in the East wouldn’t reach Europe, what are your plans ahead in order to support the album properly?

I hope the war is over today rather than tomorrow, let alone it will continue to sweep over countries!!! We will be playing shows and festivals again from April. I have made the video clips for " Resurrection " Parasite " and " Scars " in the past few months, have brought the merch with our graphic designer on the line, am doing some interviews at the moment. I have booked the shows and festivals partly and the cancelled and postponed concerts with rescheduled. And I maintain our website and Facebook.

Dirk, I wish to thank you for your time for this interview. A new era started for Warpath, and I sure hope that it would remain intact and with a delivery of goods. All the best

I would also like to thank you for this interview and your questions. We have already composed the first tracks for the next album, so an end to this new era is not in sight. all the best for you. Peace



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