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Whiplasher (Deathstars)

Interview with Whiplasher from Deathstars
by Jorge Zamudio at 07 December 2011, 3:09 AM

After three albums and numerous of live shows, the Dark Metallers, DEATHSTARS released an album that consists songs from the earlier albums that mean dear to them plus some new addition. Jorge had a chance to talk a bit with Whiplasher regarding the new release plus future plans.

Hello there guys, how are you doing? Its great to have you interviewed on Metal Temple

Of course it is.

“The Greatest Hits on Earth” are the best songs that you think you have made. Which were the parameters to choose these songs above the rest? And What made you choose the single “Metal” \[which is a very good song] on this compilation and not to wait for a new record?

It’s not a “best of album” because that would be really fucked up to do after only three albums, but it’s a compilation of the first three albums that include some songs that really represents the band. When it comes to the single…. We wanted to have a couple of songs that could give an indication on where we are going on the next album, and “METAL” and “Death is Wasted on the Dead” were the ones we chose, since they are pretty different from each other. It’s cool for the ones that like the band to show some unreleased tracks when you do a release like this, it would be too boring if not to.

“The Greatest Hits on Earth” represents the path you’ve walked along the years, when you hear your own “old” songs, What makes you think? What has been brought to your memories? Any repents or regrets?

I have memories about every song, because it stands for some part of my life that’s been very destructive or dark in some kind of way. That’s the stuff we write about, you know. When looking at it now the first album feels more like a demo, the second and third one are very closed connected, and now we will move on. That was the first decade, now we are moving into a new chapter.

Talking about your compilation album, you probably have your own favorites among the songs, if that’s the case which ones and why?

Well, the songs are of course all important and have different qualities and meanings so no one is any particular favourite, but some I like more than others of course.

I´ve read in some forums that the fans after listening to the unreleased tracks they want new songs, and some of them feel a little disappointed that you choose a compilation album instead a new album, which were the reasons to release a “Greatest Hits” and not a new record?

As I said it was a closure of the first chapter, and it is NOT a “greatest hits” – it is a compilation of three albums. When we have released 10 albums there will be a “Best of”. This release is also natural since we are touring and we writing music during, so better to release this along the way to promote the band than doing nothing, you know. This has nothing really to do with a new except from that it contains two new songs.

You’ve made a name in the metal and world music industry, how you feel about it? Was that a thing you wanted to achieve for, or was something unexpected?

We have worked hard, been touring like idiots all over the world so I feel good about where we are today. We have our own thing going and we appreciate that people enjoy what we are doing, of course. We have worked hard, and we write cool songs so I am not surprised, but thankful.

You have a very marked style, making you what you’re today, where would you say your influences and inspirations came from, musically and lyrically?

Musically is everything from pop to black metal, lyrically it’s basically what’s going on in our lives. It is chaos, so that’s what we write about. It’s not made up stories. We are not Manowar, hehe.

You were chosen to support the legendary industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN, all over the European continent, What are your thoughts about sharing the stage with such a big band? What was the reaction of the fans during the shows?

It’s been great, really. We have a great time with the guys in Rammstein and the shows really kick-ass. We’ve been talking about it in between the bands before so it’s nice that we finally got away together. I think Rammstein is a fantastic band and we have a blast every night.

This is a question I’ve had in my head for almost ten years, the first time I saw “Synthetic Generation” video shocked me, I want to know: Which are the concepts that you manage in your videos?

That one actually got banned from state television since a lot of people thought it was about abortion and so on, but yeah… It was about hardcore drugs. All the videos have different stories, the latest one for “METAL” is like a remake-version of the 80’s movie “The Warriors”. It is very different from time to time what inspires.

I have to say I’m from Colombia, and I know you played some shows in Latino America, What are your thoughts about the fans here?

Ahh, Colombia. I love Colombia. I was there and did a TV-show, close to Santa Marta, for two and a half months. I also hung out in Cartagena, Bogota and so on. I love Colombia. We haven’t been playing there with Deathstars yet, but in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. It’s great, and we hope we can go there soon again since the fans are fantastic. I think that was one of the coolest tours we’ve done, even though it was only for a week. We actually just discussed it the other day, that we should try to bring some Latino Darkness again, and that includes Colombia. We like the girls there, very much.

Which are your new plans for the moment, maybe a new record, live album in the making or a DVD?

We got plans of a DVD, a live album and a new album. Most important is of course the new album in 2012, but I’m pretty sure that other stuff is going to be released as well. We are working on it, collecting material – we’ll see what happens.

Thanks a lot for your time, for last I want to say congratulations for your success and I really hope you will continue in that way. Hails and goodbye!


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