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William Nijhof - Faal

Interview with William Nijhof from Faal
by Jean-Francois Poulin at 25 February 2018, 10:21 AM

FAAL was founded in 2005 in the south of the Netherlands. The band's music is influenced by doom-metal, with touches of black-metal and post-rock. Metal Temple Writer Jean-Francois Poulin got to talk to vocalist William Nijhof about the band and new album "Desolate Grief."

Six years after the solid ''The Clouds are Burning'' album, you guys are coming out with a new album called ''Desolate Grief''. I was wondering why it took that much time and what's the signification of the album name?

It’s doom metal, so it is supposed to be slow. Just kidding. Since the release of “Clouds” we have had a lot of changes in our lineup, and not at the same time but let’s say once a year. Then you have to start looking for new people and they need to learn the existing stuff. So we had a few years that every time we thought we could move forward, someone else decided to leave. Mind you, it was always with mutual understanding.

Regarding the album name, we got the idea of incorporating the concept of “The Stages of Grief”(1. Denial; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance) into our songs. So the album is kind of a concept-album if you will. It is sometimes difficult to find things to write about and we found this idea helped us. We all know the feeling of loss, whether it is in death of the end of a relationship, and the concept of those stages is something we, and I think most people, will recognize in some way. Not that we think these stages necessarily have to be followed, but there are parts of it everyone will recognize.

What's the background on the name of the band? I know it means ''Fail'' in Dutch but I was wondering where you guys got the band name?

I haven’t been in the band that long, but that’s pretty much it. It is the Dutch word for “fail”. Back in the day they thought it sounded cool and the were able to come up with a great logo.

You guys delve into Funeral Doom, is there a reason why you guys drifted towards that style? I didn't know there was much Doom or Funeral Doom bands out there in the Netherlands.

There are quite a lot of Doom bands in the Netherlands. I could name Officium Triste, Abysmal Darkening, Treurwilg and more. Also, I don’t believe Doom is limited to any country. Some countries maybe have a longer history, but it’s everywhere (fortunately).

There seems to have a lot of band shifting throughout the years, do you feel like right now (well since 2015), you really feel like well oiled unit and band?

Yes, we do. Of course we can’t see into the future, but we really think this lineup is here to stay. And the unity is hopefully apparent in the new album, which we really did together.

Any bands you guys would love to tour with?

We have had some great times with the guys from The Drowning and Eye of Solitude. It would be fun to do that again.

What were the bands that influenced you in the beginning of your careers?

That could be a really long list if the six of us answered that question. We listen to thrash, death, grind, doom, funeral, stoner, sludge…
But for me (to name a few) My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Slayer, Skepticism and many, many more.

So what's next for the guys FAAL?

We are doing a few release shows. In March at Haunting the Castle festival in Belgium and in May at Little Devil Doom Days in Tilburg. And we should probably start writing new material so you won’t have to wait for six years again ;-)

Any plans of some touring in Europe and beyond for 2018?

We have a few shows lined up. Hopefully the reception to the new album enables us to do more shows and possibly a tour. Fingers crossed.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to interview you guys and I wish you guys great success in the coming future!

Thanks for having us here and same to you!!


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