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Interview with Witchcraft from Witchcraft
by Yiannis Doukas at 11 November 2007, 2:35 PM

During their tour in USA, the Swedish vintage rockers answer our questions for their new brilliant step and talk to us about the old alchemists or their favourite movies. All members answered and although they chosen a 'Spartan' way for doing it, it's OK. Doom on!

Hello Magnus, congratulations for The Alchemist. How are you?

Magnus: I am very well sir, we’re soon about to the enter the city of New Orleans and play a gig at One Eyed Jack’s and we are excited and ready to put on a hell of a show!

Do you have to mention any changes in production and the sound of your new album? How do you achieve having such a sound in guitars?

Ola: We recorded everything analogue as usual with some vintage equipment. The studio is called Up And Running Studios and is owned by a guy named Tom Hakava who also produced the album.

There is a change behind the drum kit. Would you like to introduce Fredrik to your fans? How did you meet? What happen with Jens Henriksson?

Ola: When Jens decided to quit concentrating on his studies in Asian mysticism we asked former ABRAMIS BRAMA drummer Fredrik Jansson to join us, he is an hard hitting musically gifted drummer and we feel very fortunate to have him in the band.

The cover is very nice. Who is the artist behind this? Is that lady praying, and - if yes - to whom? Looks to me like a witch or an ancient female druid. Am I right?

Ola: The artists name is David D’Andrea. The girl is praying, yes, to whom is for the eye of the beholder to decide. You’d have to ask the artist from where he got his inspiration to draw that girl.

 I see you have a lot of touring plans, starting with in USA. Do you enjoy live performances? Isn’t life on the road ’tough’ enough?

Ola: The life on the road is not that tough at all, really. Sure you don’t get that much sleep but you get to do one of the best things a man can do, play rock in front of screaming fans!

By the magician’s eyes, every live performance is a magical ceremony. We can say we have a channelling of the psychic energies of the crowd surrounding the band upon the stage. Do you feel so? Do you find magical these moments?

Ola: Sure man, I know what you mean and sometimes when you get that connection with the crowd you feel magical but I’d call it an ego high.

Are there any similarities with WITCHCRAFT and the old alchemist? Do you know any of them (for example John Dee, Bacon, Kirchen)? What’s your opinion about them?

Jansson: Haven’t met any of them but I’m sure they are nice guys.

If we have a deeper look into the alchemy we may come across the ultimate force of human being to be free and to break any chains that binds our brains. Do you believe that the self-title track is a step forward for you?

John: We have always wanted to write along progressive track we have been working on the title song for quite along time and I suppose it is a step forward in our song writing.

Can you give us an idea of what becomes when crimson is our colour? Also the Leva track: what are the lyrics talking about?

Ola: If crimson was your colour worlds would collide and the giant black hole that people call god would suck you in and the universe as we know it would cease to exist.

There is a spooky melody as a hidden track. What’s it all about?

Jansson: That part was supposed to be in the middle of the title track. Too many things were going on already so we decided to hide it instead.

From what situations do you gather inspiration? Do you – sometimes – fell ’trapped’ and can’t create a simple riff?

John: From all sorts of things, music, films, books and different situations in life. I sometimes get writers block and can’t decide if a riff is good or not.

Sometimes your music makes me feel like I am into an old horror movie. What is your favourite movie and in which one would you believe that your sounds would fit better?

Ola: What kind of horror movie? Splatter? I’d would like to hear our music in any kind of film but maybe something like First Blood or Serpico would be cool or maybe Last House On The Left, The Oblong Box, Scream And Scream Again, I Spit On Your Grave, Fist Of Fury, Best Of The Best I/II/III, Highlander I, Gremlins, E.T. or Schindlers List.

If you want something to add, feel free to write it. Thanx again, hope to see ya in live action soon!



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