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Wojtek and Robin (Strawberry Fields)

Interview with Wojtek and Robin from Strawberry Fields
by Harry Papadopoulos at 09 April 2009, 5:18 PM

Having released their debut album Rivers Gone Dry, THE STRAWBERRY FIELDS answers to METAL TEMPLE via Wojtek and Robin. We discussed about the album making me, wandering if they really don't know THE GATHERING. Let's see what they told us…

Interview with: Wojtek and Robin from THE STRAWBERRY FIELDS

First of all, I have to say that I really liked your album. But before I start asking you about Rivers Gone Dry, I'd like to know what does the name of the band mean? I'm sure that you took it from a song from THE BEATLES but why?

Because I love THE BEATLES, and it brings up some psychedelic associations too. It is very descriptive, a bit melancholic and sad name for a band. This is, also, the name of Salvation Army children's home in Liverpool and it's a very catchy and easy to remember name. It already exists in listeners' minds.

It's been only one year after the birth of THE STRAWBERRY FIELDS. Wojtek, you have already three bands, so how did you decide to form another project?

I compose a lot of music, very different kinds of music. My mind is constantly under attack by many ideas. I cannot resist creating new means, tools to bring all those melodies up to the surface. Music is a great mystery and I love this feeling of working on something new. I do not know if you can call me workaholic, but definitely this is some kind of deviation.

So, can you give our readers some information about the new album? For example, who did the beautiful artwork, who was the producer of Rivers Gone Dry and how did you gather those musicians to play?

The artwork was created by Trine. She is a great, very talented artist from Krakow, Poland. I was searching the internet for some 3D art and found her works on Digart gallery site. I only asked her to make the colors deeper and to add some stones, some bushes and mud to the road at the middle of the original picture to make it look like a river gone dry. I was the producer of this album. Krzysiek Palczewski helped me with the mix.  The musicians in this album are my colleagues from SATELLITE (a Progressive Rock band I created in 2000). They are very flexible and capable as musicians and can their performance is at the top level within many musical styles.

Are you the only composer of the band or do the other members help you with their ideas? What are the lyrics talking about?

No, I am the only composer. I also played most of the keyboards on the album. However, Krzysiek Palczewski added some keys here too. Robin wrote all lyrics.

\[Robin]: I've written the lyrics for the album. At the beginning I wasn't sure if I would manage that, as this is my debut album as a singer and lyrics writer, but Wojtek's music was so inspiring and it helped me a lot. What I like about writing lyrics is that you can hide behind the words and meanings, using facts and your imagination. All lyrics are my thoughts on some subjects concerning human existence, thoughts about me, my life, things that have happened or are happening to me, about people I know. The common element of my lyrics is melancholy.

Your music is not for the die-hard Metal fans. What kind of audience do you believe will listen to Rivers Gone Dry?

The answer is very obvious. No artist would like to limit the number of listeners of his music. The more the merrier. So, I do not have any idea who would like the album and I do not care. Those who will be touched by this music, they will buy the album and enjoy listening to it. And why do you think a die hard metal fan cannot listen to STRAWBERRY FIELDS, KENNY G or MADONNA? Is this a kind of fanatic organization punishing its members for listening to different genres of music? I do not think so. I listen to a wide variety of music.

The album is like a mixture of THE CRANBERRIES, MASSIVE ATTACK and latest THE GATHERING. Is this the kind of music that you would listen at home, or you also like other genres of music?

I never heard THE GATHERING, I heard like two tracks of THE CRANBERRIES and a bit of MASSIVE ATTACK. I think that Robin's voice reminds me sometimes of THE CRANBERRIES. And the fact that I am using loops and electronic doesn't make automatically STRAWBERRY FIELDS sound like MASSIVE ATTACK. Robin is more familiar with THE GATHERING. As I told you, I'm listening to a wide variety of music, from big bands Motown soul to FALL OUT BOYS and MICHAEL JACKSON.

\[Robin]: I must say I adore Sharon den Adel from WITHIN TEMPTATION for her beautiful angel voice, energy and the atmosphere she creates. I love all songs from this band. I also listen to HIM, THE RASMUS, EVANESCENCE, CASEY STRATTON, THE CORNS, CLANNAD, ENYA, Sarah Mc Lachan. Probably they all influence me to some extent. If you listen to all those bands you will see that the common thing in those bands is that they all write beautiful melodies and that's what I love about music.

Are there any tour plans? Are you going to be only in Poland or will you tour the rest of Europe?

We would like to tour everywhere. The thing is, finding the right place and the right people to cooperate. If any promoter wants to organize some gigs in your country, he can send an email to

I really like Robin's voice. It brings in mind Anneke Van Giersbergen. Do you believe that this is an advantage for the band?

I do not know. I never heard Anneke. For me Robin has got a great voice, reach and has a wide range. For me, her voice is more similar to THE CRANBERRIES. You can't help it since this is her voice. But frankly speaking, I don't care. If the songs are strong and well sung, people should like the band anyway. If it's a crap, no resemblance to any other famous voice would help.

You are from Poland. How hard is for a band from your country to get well known in the rest of the world? Do you believe that many people have some kind of prejudice for bands that are not originated from countries, such as Germany, UK, Norway, Finland?

What prejudice? Two things: quality of music and promotion. When you got a great band the only problem is the promotion. Promotion equals money. Many great bands from UK and States are absolutely anonymous too due to the lack of promotion. You can help yourself a bit by extensive touring. But you have to get a great manager.

What will the future for THE STRAWBERRY FIELDS be? Even though it's too early to say, are there any plans for a second full length album? What are your dreams about the band?

Yes, I am just working on some new songs. Dreams? To get more recognition worldwide, make more people listen to the band. And then they will decide if they like it or not.

Well, Wojtek, thank you very much for your time and answering my questions. Last words belong to you.

Just thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to present the band to your readers.


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