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Amulett - Glassbreaker

by Allen Peter at 27 August 2022, 3:58 PM

AMULETT is a Hard Rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Coming at us with an old school sound, their new album, “Glassbreaker,” has just been released with the help of Riptide Records. This five-piece band have come together to give us something new, they have known each other but never played as a group.

With vintage influences of THIN LIZZY, BLUE OYSTER CULT, and ALICE COOPER, this is their product and contribution to the current and very active South American Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scene. What we get is something similar to what we got in the 70’s and 80’s with a PRIEST and MAIDEN vibe, a traditional and classic style.

A short intro starts us out before we get to the second song, “Sweet Point.” I immediately got a hint of Axl Rose in the vocals, which quickly changed in style, followed up with a nice guitar solo in the end. Everything in the middle seemed pretty standard to my ears was my first impression, nothing too grandiose.

The lyrics change to Spanish after the first couple of songs, so I’m not sure what we are talking about here. The music still has the same flair to it, it is your solid, basic Hard Rock, with big, DIO-like vocals. There is a lot of lung power in the fourth installment, “El Barquero.”  A standard sound is the goal, and it is achieved.

Nice guitar work is again found to start us out with the title track, “Glassbreaker.” We are also back to English with some deep backup vocals supporting in the end. This song sounds larger than the previous tracks. From what I have heard so far, it is an appropriate choice to choose for the cover. The follow up song is a close second to the last. It is not very hard, never really picking up speed but it gives you visions of an earlier time, “Ghost Town,” is the title. It almost seems like a ghost returning to the stage from the 1970’s.

The last song has a completely different thing going on, but I dig it. It is actually a nice way to go out, it is not really what I was expecting but I can’t say anything bad about it. This thing as a whole isn’t very hard as far as Rock goes, it has more of a mellow flow to it but it is definitely worth checking out in a time where screams and growls are more of the norm in this business.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Overture
2. Sweet Point
3. Babylon Fire
4. El Barquero
5. Glassbreaker
6. Diamantes y Sal
7. Ghost Town
8. El. Camino Subterraneo 
Agustin Morelli - Drums
Sebastian Braddock - Vocals
Max Alvarez - Bass
Pablo Abal – Guitar
Leandro Bajar – Guitar
Record Label: Riptide Records


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