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(0) - SkamHan

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 05 May 2020, 8:17 AM

This elusive quartet from Denmark is about as clear as the band’s name. They play Progressive Black Metal, and from their Facebook page, describe themselves as “exploring many facets of the darker sides of music. With an alternation between simple, fast tracks and heavy journeys in gloominess, (0) rarely leaves darkness. (0) consists of musicians who are preoccupied with a lot of genres within the music and it is heard. Live is the band like a freight train of light and sound that keeps the audience trapped in intensity and gloom. “Skamhan” contains seven tracks.

“Tyndere end Hud” leads off the album, with a dark and gloomy riff. It definitely has that Progressive sound, and registers as Black Metal in the guitars, vocals and drums. They stay within the boundaries of the main riff fairly easily. “Sjaelstjaeler” opens with a smoother sound, but still that darkness abounds. Clean guitars and a guitar solo lead the charge. Then, the main riff hits, and Black Metal vocals make the entire song sound desolate.

“Skarntyder” opens with some keen drum work and a Progressive guitar riff, with noticeable bass guitars. The vocals are ultra-low, and the guitars de-tuned as well. It creates this ominous feeling. It reminds me a bit of GOJIRA in the way that they keep changing the meter. “Rod Glorie” is close to ten minutes in length. It opens with soft, clean guitars. The vocals are growly utterances when they main distorted riff drops. The desolation is on full display here, including an instrumental passage around the half-way mark that is dark and fills your dreams with terror. It builds to a crescendo announcing your final demise.

“Sortfugl” opens with some hopeful tones that are quickly dashed by thick vocals and guitars. Just before the half-way mark, those hopeful notes return for spell but are soon drowned out by heavy guitar accents that give the song an element of Doom. The title track is over nine minutes in length. It opens with a slow grind, letting your worst thoughts swell and begin to take over your mind. Alternating between heavy passages and some lighter ones, the darkness waxes and wanes but is never gone. It just intensifies in shades of grey.

“Alle Renses” closes the album. It opens cautiously, with quiet notes of guitar feedback, and the sense that everyone in the world has died, and you are the sole survivor. It also features outer-worldly sounds that if you concentrate on, might drive you mad. It’s a fitting closing to this gloomy and shadowy album that leaves you with a hole in your soul. Some of the sounds and feelings the album was able to invoke defy categorization. It’s about as dark and desolate as anything you have heard, and does indeed encompass many different genres of music. If you want to be utterly gutted, give this a go, because there is very, very little happiness here.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Tyndere end Hud
2. Sjaelstjaeler
3. Skarntyder
4. Rod Glorie
5. Sortfugl
6. SkamHan
7. Alle Renses
MC – Bass
JK – Drums
MA – Guitars
JU – Guitars
FJ – Vocals
Record Label: Napalm Records


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