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1000Mods - Vultures Award winner

by V. Srikar at 24 July 2014, 4:04 PM

So another Stoner band, another time to let loose the sanity and sink in the amazing music the genre offers. The whole idea to name a band with a number attracted me towards 1000MODS, and the fact that it is a Stoner band is an icing on the cake. These Greek psychedelic/stoner rockers bring their second full-length record with “Vultures”.

While the music is old school and traditional, “Vultures” is full of impressive and innovative riffs, and the vocals of Dani is old clean singing and occasionally of screaming nature and works really fine for the band’s music. Compared to the sound of other Stoner bands, drums in 1000MODS seem to loose scope and play a second fiddle to the guitars and the vocals, both which are impressive. The axe-men maintain a unique sweet point between high and mid tempo in their riffage all throughout the album and add to that the aforementioned innovative riffs makes this record stand out among the sea of Stoner bands. “She” shows the variety the band has to offer and the high psychedelic effect the band brings into the listeners ears and mind, with the raw sound along with the polished production. One thing is very clear on repeated listening, the band knows it limitations and doesn’t try every riff in the book and bring a distinct sound with them even as they bring interesting innovative riffs all throughout the album. The album finishes off with an epic near-7 min “Reverb of the new world” bringing in slow trippy sounds before going into faster sound but still maintaining the trippy Stoner sound. As a whole “Vultures” has elements of grungy, garage rock, Fuzz Rock sound apart from the normal Stoner Rock sound, which makes the album all the more interesting.

Though this is not a ground-breaking album by any means, but “Vultures” has enough in it to please all the stoners worldwide and you should take a note too.

4 Star Rating

1. Claws
2. Big Beautiful
3. She
4. Horses' Green
5. Low
6. Vultures
7. Modesty
8. Reverb of the new world
Dani – Bass, Vox
Giannis - Guitars
George - Guitars
Labros - Drums
Record Label: The Lab Recs


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