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12 Gauge Ritual - Pull The Trigger

12 Gauge Ritual
Pull The Trigger
by CJ "Music God" Plain at 18 March 2013, 5:09 PM

The newest release by Demon Doll Records is "Pull The Trigger" by 12 GAUGE RITUAL.  It's actually a six song EP of songs recorded in 1997 and recently released by the label.

The band came about after the breakup of Robbi Black's original bands, ALLYCAT SCRATCH and REVOLUTION HAZY. Christian Dorris was brought in to perform the vocals and J. Sinn Farmer (bass / guitars) from the GLAMOUR PUNKS.

Overall, this is very much in the vein of what was passing as Hair Metal in the late 90s. Basically, Hair bands trying to play heavier, darker, and dirtier to capitalize on the music trends of that time. The songs are very much in the vein of "Generation Swine" era MOTLEY CRUE.

The six songs contained here are well written, played with plenty of attitude, and are not bad songs, they're just not really memorable songs, per se. After listening to them, you really don't have a desire to hear it again. The songs also suffer from a muddy sounding mix that almost sounds intentional. It's like it was mixed this way to make it sound heavier and darker.

Again, it's not a bad EP if you dug the music from that era. I just personally think there's a lot better stuff out there right now, including on this very label. Demon Doll Records has a number of totally amazing bands that I find much more interesting and well rounded. 

3 Star Rating

1. Complete My Soul
2. Confession
3. Evil
4. Tranquilized
5. Morphine
6. Heal
Robbi Black – Drums / Bass
Christian Dorris - Vocals
Michael Thomas - Guitars
J. Sinn Farmer – Bass / Guitars
Record Label: Demon Doll Records


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