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1782 – From The Graveyard

From The Graveyard
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 12 April 2021, 6:37 AM

1782 is an Italian doom metal band formed in 2018. "From The Graveyard," is their second full length album. They also released a split album in 2020. It seems the most people think the most accurate description of their sound would be to lump them in with the stoner doom crowd. However, I feel that would be an injustice of sorts. There isn’t anything wrong with stoner doom but when I think of that sound, a laid back, hazy sort of atmosphere comes to mind.

1782 do have that fuzz. They have those thick riffs. They have the vocals that are ran through effects and filters. But they are so much heavier and darker than most other stoner doom bands. This album very much has an occult and horror feel to it. Their music is just the right amount of a strange uneasiness with a bit of cold and danger thrown in for good measure. The album begins with "Evocationis" and is appropriately spooky and mysterious. It doesn’t contain any actual music but a good intro sets up the album and this one does just that.

The meaty riffs and blown out bass in "The Chosen One" hit immediately after the intro. The drumming is solid as hell too and seems to be very "musical" as in Gabriele knows just what the song needs. From 3:05 to the songs end is straight up a doom metal wet dream: waves after waves of riffs bass and drums. "Bloodlines" bass is so immense that it shook my car speakers…..this song's intro is a mini earthquake.  I love the stoner/hippy vibe of the guitar. Soon this all gives way to riffage that just can't quit—nor would I want it to. The clean vocals work with the music, giving it an old school vibe while remaining modern enough to appeal to all doom fans.

"Priestess of Death" is one hell of a track.  Monstrous riffs as thick as the earth combine with thunderous bass and a solid rhythmic foundation of the drums for a smooth flowing ride of macabre horror. The riff that starts around the two minute mark is one of the best I've heard this year and it takes on a most hypnotic route. The last minute or so is an impressive display of sonic density. The final track "In Requiem" ends the album with a strong farewell—these riffs are so tight and crushing they almost gave me the bends. The middle portion sounds sinister as hell with danger lurking behind every note.

In essence, "From The Graveyard" is one badass doom metal album that is a definite improvement over their first and firmly establishes them as major players in the scene.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Evocationis (Intro)
2. The Chosen One
3. Bloodline
4. Black Void
5. Inferno
6. Priestess of Death
7. Seven Priests
8. In Requiem
Gabriele Fancellu – Drums
Marco Nieddu – Vocals, Guitars
Francesco Pintore - Vocals
Record Label: Heavy Psych Sounds


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