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2 Cards of 25 - Lone Ranger

2 Cards of 25
Lone Ranger
by MarcusTheRocker at 22 November 2014, 11:59 AM

If there’s one thing we Brits are proud of, it’s our Rock and Metal legacy, as most of the world’s biggest bands in those two genres originated from the UK. I could list them but the list will be endless and I always look forward to seeing what talent we can produce, and this year, I have heard some good ones that make me proud to be British.

The band featured in today’s review is a new band that formed this year and they will be unleashing their debut EP onto the world on December 2nd. The band in question is London based quintet 2 CARDS OF 25 and they will soon be unleashing their debut EP “Lone Ranger” for us all to hear.

The 4-song EP, which clocks in at roughly 16 minutes playtime, is simple straightforward British rock that we have prided ourselves on for a long time. The first two tracks, which are the single, “Alice in Wonderland”, and the title track “Lone Ranger”, are both simple straightforward no nonsense Rock and Roll. The next track “Sweetest” is a cool stripped down acoustic song that sounds very cool, but then stripped down tracks do have a habit of sounding awesome. The EP’s closing track “Penumbra” is a ballad that sounds amazing and is a good way to close off this EP.

Now that I’ve talked about the tracks, what does the music sound like? I’ve talked about it a bit in the above paragraph, but I’ll talk about it some more. As mentioned, this is simple straightforward rock and roll with some heavy guitars that sound just right for this type of music. We also get a cool funky acoustic jam and some beautiful piano to close things off and the end result is a nice mixture of music over 4 songs. The vocal performance is pretty solid and the clarity of the lyrics is clear, meaning you can always hear what is being sung.

It’s verdict time now, and I apologize for the short review, but then when you review something by a band that only formed this year, it’s hard to find a lot of background info on them. Time to ask now if Britain has produced another great Rock band that we can add to our heritage and be proud of to which the answer to that question is, yes. This may be a short EP but often the best music is short and sweet and every track is very enjoyable to listen to and can be replayed over and over and never sound dull, boring or repetitive.

4 Star Rating

1. Alice in Wonderland
2. Lone Ranger
3. Sweetest
4. Penumbra
Diego Gutierrez – Vocals, Guitars
Dan Baune - Guitars
Ash Milburn - Bass
Ivan Ortega - Keys
Pete Buckmaster - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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