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3 Inches of Blood – Long Live Heavy Metal

3 Inches of Blood
Long Live Heavy Metal
by YngwieViking at 09 April 2012, 8:47 PM

I was disappointed & frustated by "Here Waits Thy Doom" because the balance between Extreme & old school Heavy Metal wasn't working anymore… Did they push too far the fusion between those antagonist elements? Finally, was it such a good idea? Does Satan himself even allowed them to mix it? Are we doomed?  This does not mean the opening of a punishing-deadly vortex and the end of this world? Hell no!!! "Long Live Heavy Metal" is the proof that Metal Music is forever & eternal… The roots are too deep to be cut and the new ramification is growing fast!

Since their early days, this Canadian band was in constant evolution under a great metamorphosis, the magical expansion, but also some step back to the regressing rocky path… The lineup was also in parallel wickedly redesigned… 10 or 20 times… New addition to the line-up, it’s veteran bass player Mr. Byron Stroud (S.Y.L. / TENET / FEAR FACTORY). Even Joey Jordinson (SLIPKNOT / MURDERDOLLS) played drums with them, he also produced what was my favorite 3 INCHES OF BLOOD's album "Fire Up The Blades"… Until last week! Yes, the evil alloy is operative again maybe stronger than ever and the fresh blood addition to the old elixir is invigorating… The ancestral witchcraft is efficient once more in the hands of new faithful crusaders. In other words, "Long Live Heavy Metal" is the right development of "Fire Up The Blades" with more high-pitched vocals/more epic Metal leitmotiv / more NWOBHM revival hymn and intense drumming but still the vicious ferocity and the rough savagery typical to the young & raw underground Scene!
The track "Look Out" is an outstanding tribute to Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P), with a good Hammond solo quite reminiscent from the old RAINBOW days, other essential songs are “Dark Messenger” / “My Swords Will Not Sleep” / “4000 Torches” / ”Leave It On The Ice”.

The harsh vocals are quite rare now, but nowin fact quite essentials same for the truly efficient but sporadic blast-beat. The production is also much better than "Here Waits Thy Doom",still 'kind of vintage' but also dynamic and sharp. Let's try the resemblance-merging-equation stratagem to define 3 INCHES OF BLOOD today: JUDAS PRIEST+ZIMMERS HOLE+ MERCYFUL FATE+ CLOVEN HOOF+ RAM+ DIAMOND HEAD=Evil Heavy Metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Metal Woman
2. My Sword Will Not Sleep
3. Leather Lord
4. Chief And The Blade
5. Dark Messenger
6. Look Out
7. 4000 Torches
8. Leave It On The Ice
9. Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV)
10. Storming Juno
11. Men Of Fortune
12. One For The Ditch
Cam Pipes - Lead Vocals
Shane Clark - Lead Guitar
Justin Hagberg –Guitar, Vocals ,Keyboards
Ash Pearson - Drums
Byron Stroud -Bass
Record Label: Century Media


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