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35 Tapes - Lost & Found Award winner

35 Tapes
Lost & Found
by Dave Nowels at 10 April 2019, 6:19 PM

What an intriguing, surprising and rewarding release 35 TAPES have provided us wrapped within their Artemis/Apollon Records album, “Lost & Found”. The title is aptly named, as it’s an album that one can easily get lost in, and perhaps find a multitude of hidden answers. The trio’s Facebook bio manages to quite eloquently sumize their approach to these songs saying, 35 TAPES are based on the sounds, tones and instruments we once learned to love. Our dogma is: not too many tones, but the right ones - not fixed chords, but floating open - not virtuoso but true.”

“Lost & Found” opens with “Travel” and immediately brings to mind “Meddle” and “Animals” era PINK FLOYD. Yet, the song isn’t blatantly stylized on FLOYD. Rather, it seems more inspired by that common lifebeat that seems ever present in FLOYD’s musical structure. “Circles” continues to build on this approach, but subtlety inserts another influence by a distinctly BEATLES – ESQUE feel with the chorus. Vocally, each song has featured a different vocalist, with Lund handling one and Wangen the other,and adds another nice contrast, which continues with the next two tracks as well.

“Wasteland” opens more with a more upbeat tempo, and an almost jazz/fusion breakdown before building back to the vocals in grand style. Along with the FLOYD and BEATLES influences, one must add MARILLION and GENESIS to the mix, though 35 TAPES always seems to manage to maintain their own distinctive identity somehow. The album closes with mellow and soft piano and keys introducing “Mushrooms”, and here the more theatric influence of MARILLION and GENESIS are really pronounced. The longest and grandest of the four tracks, I really enjoyed the journey this song took.

“Lost & Found” is a grand and sweeping introduction to 35 TAPES. They’ve managed to capture the spirit of some of the most influential 70’s bands and mix, blend and repackage that magic into a new and fresh presentation. I found myself wishing there were more songs to be heard, with these four tracks only meagerly appeasing my appetite for what the trio has created. This is music created from the heart, and performed exquisitely by Lund, Wagen and Stokkeland. Highly recommended.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9


4 Star Rating

1. Travel
2. Circles
3. Wasteland
4. Mushrooms
Morten Lund – Guitars, Lap Steel, Keyboards, Vocals
Jarle Wangen – Bass, Guitars, Vocals
Bjorn Stokkeland – Drums
Record Label: Artemis/Apollon Records


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