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3xperimental – Symphony Of Element

Symphony Of Element
by Gary G. Hernandez at 20 June 2020, 2:12 PM

3XPERIMENTAL, an Atmospheric Black Metal project, is JB Vincent. It seems odd to cite the date a band formed when there’s only one person in it, so we’ll just say JB put out his debut album, “Virtual World,” in 2019 and on June 20, 2020 he will release his second full-length album “Symphony Of Element.” I don’t think it affects the listening experience, but 3EXPERIMENTAL is based out of Berlin, Germany. I should also note that although JB Vincent is the solitary member of the project, the choir on “Essentia Existentiae” and “At The End Of The World” are contributed by Nilda, the female vocals on “At The End Of The World” are performed by Kyba, and the additional vocals on “Water” are from a humpback whale who has chosen to remain anonymous.

Whereas most ABM is by design an ambiguous gestalt of static, both musically and lyrically, JB Vincent’s approach is more straightforward. “Symphony Of Element” is exactly what it purports to be — a Black Metal symphony that explores the four elements of earth, fire, water, and air (wind) with the addition of some intro and outro material to add context. This isn’t music to cruise by but rather to immerse in. It has a definite ‘suck you in and make you lose track of time’ attribute common with ABM and alien abductions. JB is at his best when he varies the movements, creating a soundscape which mirrors the element he examines. It’s a credit to his musicianship and songwriting that “Water” invokes the ambiance of a deep but active ocean, “Earth” the guttural and grounded pathos of . . . earth, etc. If you think of your favorite element, you’re likely to enjoy the corresponding track. With that in mind, the core of the album are tracks two through four which focus on each element. “Fire” and “Wind” are my choice for standout tracks as well as “At The End Of The World.” On the other hand, I wasn’t a big fan of the final track, “Vision,” though the sub-bass effect was quite nice.

Altogether, “Symphony Of Element” is a thought-provoking study that is both intriguing and compelling. The fluid compositions, liberal use of choral and female vocals as well as elegant piano flourishes create a marked juxtaposition with the aggressive percussion and riffs, icy solos, and bleak vocals. 3XPERIMENTAL, as the name would suggest, seeks to integrate innovation with traditional ABM. With “Symphony Of Element” as evidence, they are succeeding with excellent effect.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 4
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Essentia Existentiae
2. Earth
3. Water
4. Wind
5. Fire
6. At The End Of The World
7. Visions
JB Vincent – Everything
Record Label: Independent


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