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4 Arm – Survivalist

4 Arm
by Caleb Nesten at 17 August 2015, 11:13 AM

4 ARM, one of Melbourne's most loved Metal bands has released their newest album, “Survivalist” this year (2015). Two years after their previous release, a small line-up change and a significantly noticeable change in style the hard-rocking dudes of 4 ARM are ready to blow your eardrums to oblivion again! Now, according to 4 ARM's bio, they “rescued Thrash Metal from the jaws of oblivion,” that's a bold-ass statement, fellas. While I don't think 4 ARM are necessarily “saviors” of the Thrash genre, they certainly take it in a seldom seen, almost entirely new direction.“Survivalist” has a much different feel from 4 ARM's previous releases. After original front-man DANNY TOMB left the band 2013, the group abandoned their classic Thrash sound for something more melodic and experimental.

Their new album takes the Thrash genre out of its comfort zone and combining more Nu-Metal and Groove-Metal elements (which, is basically the same thing, right?). This new album reminds me of a rushing river, the album has a constant, unbreakable and rushing flow. It get's pretty rough in some spots but still smooth enough to enjoy the ride. While the new album seems a little more tame, I would hesitate to call “Survivalist” softer than their previous releases, but it's definitely not as harsh than what I'm used to hearing in the Thrash and Groove-Metal genres. The new album deviates from being dangerously close to PANTERA territory and rocketed 4 ARM to a unique, more technical atmosphere. The most notable parts of their new sound are less distorted guitar and a less rapid, rough vocal technique. I hope old fans of 4 ARM aren't put off with the new direction the band has taken. The tracks they have produced on “Survivalist” have carved a signature sound for the band that wasn't exactly missing from their previous albums but is far more distinct. I'm excited for the direction the changes 4 ARM have been experimenting with to evolve, creating a truly unique experience.

3 Star Rating

1. Eyes of the Slain
2. Fragment Of A Dream
3. Poisoned Mind
4. Poverty Of Flesh
5. Lights Out
6. In Living Decay
7. Ignitor
8. Survivalist
Markus Johansson- Vocals/Guitar
Evan K.- Lead Guitar
Andy Hinterreiter - Bass
Michael Vafiotis - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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