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42 Decibel - Hard Rock N' Roll Award winner

42 Decibel
Hard Rock N' Roll
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 13 May 2013, 6:09 PM

AC/DC, I don’t think that there is anybody alive that doesn’t know these guys. Maybe people in the third world haven't heard about the name but probably recall several immortal songs as “Highway To Hell” or “Thunderstruck”. You would probably ask yourself why am I opening the review with a jabber about AC/DC. It’s easy, not many know (you probably do) that AC/DC has two different eras. The Bon Scott (died in 1980) years and the Brain Johnson years. Why it’s important you ask? Because back in the days of Bon Scott, AC/DC had a different sound that earlier on after Scott's untimely passing. Since 1980 it has been the similar pattern but not quite, and there you have it, many bands have chosen on trying to mimic the post Scott era like for instance AIRBOURNE. Sadly, not many try to go back to the early years that for me were the best of the band's.

The 42 DECIBEL band hail from Argentina, yes better believe that are and no, not Aussie. I couldn't fathom that either myself I'd tell you that. After touring many clubs in Buenos Aires they released the debut album “Hard Rock N' Roll”.

Man ohh man, as I was walking to my second home, the local Pub, when I pressed start on my smartphone and "Scotch Drinker" started playing. Straight ahead I was blown away by the sound, classic AC/DC oh man and then Junior Figueroa started singing and it was like listening to a reincarnated Bon Scott all over again. It’s priceless, “Scotch Drinker” is a masterpiece of classic Hard Rock and a tribute to the 70s, the song even got a Blues Rock section with a weeping guitar, such a classic, I salute these guys.

Each song within this album represents the good old days. Don’t miss “Long Legged Woman”, somebody said “The Jack”?  Let the classic 70s Rock guitar start you up with “I`m Gonna Give You All”, and there is the great riffing in “Rocker Soul”.

Don’t get me wrong “Hard Rock N’ Roll” isn’t without flaws however if you are into classic Hard Rock, this album is a must have. If you are into the heavier stuff, I still think this album will run with the nastiest of them, because anything that sounds like Bon Scott’s AC/DC is a guaranteed collectable for Metal / Rock fans.

Sure want to see these guys on stage on day; let’s hope that they have an upcoming European tour in mind, wishful thinking of what I expect in the future.

5 Star Rating

1. Scotch Drinker
2. Smokin' Fire
3. Long Legged Woman
4. The Real Deal
5. Take Me
6. I`m Gonna Give You All
7. Drinkin' Margaritas
8. Addicted To Rage
9. Born To Ride Alone
10 .Rocker Soul
11. Drunk Love
12. Gimme A Drink
Junior Figueroa - Vocals / Lead Guitar
Billy Bob riley – Rhythm / Slide Guitar
Chris Marck Towers - Bass
Nicko Cambiasso - Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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