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5 Star Grave - Drugstore Hell

5 Star Grave
Drugstore Hell
by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 28 June 2012, 7:11 PM

5 STAR GRAVE is a band from Italy who recently released their second album “Drugstore Hell” through Massacre Records. A Melodic / Death / Heavy Metal album with Thrash influences. Modern Heavy Metal according to their Facebook page, guess that’s a way to describe it too.

“Drugstore Hell” gave me the feeling that I was flying in a helicopter sightseeing a hell of a world. A well-armed chopper with old fashioned and high tech weapons and other equipment to keep them flying. Screaming wind showing the devastation below as a contrast from the harmonic atmosphere inside the chopper, where a team’s working together with commitment and passion. They’re in charge of that chopper, they’re deciding which way they want to go and they are not afraid to defend themselves and shoot at everyone who wants to shoot them down. Determent to survive and fly on the route they’ve chosen also showing sights from those down below willing to shoot their chopper right out of the sky.

The song that jumped out for me was the song called “Daddy”, like the chopper crew joined in singing a song together during the fight to keep up their spirits. Flying spirits echoing through, also inside the songs after, shining extra lights on what’s to see down there. Spirits with different voices and point of views. Even the point of view from what if shows a scenario that’s screaming clear and when the worst case scenario turns up they’re not devastated, just more to determent to keep their chopper up and survive.

The album “Drugstore Hell” from 5 STAR GRAVE sound like a steady flight despite the combination of different genre elements. They have a strong production that does show experience, talent, hard work and skilled players who can team up and play like they’re in it together and have some fun too. Their use of different vocalists gives this fight an extra dimension even though they’ve hardly used clear vocals. My repeat button could handle this album very well.

“Drugstore Hell” from 5 STAR GRAVE is not per definition better or lesser than their former album, but from my point of view they’ve grown inside their skills and they’ve shown with this album that they can handle that big chopper excellent.

4 Star Rating

1. Terminal Bedroom
2. Death Put A Smile On My Face
3. Love Affair With The Beast
4. Daddy
5. Death Times Eleven
6. No Devil Lived On
7. Dead Girls Don’t Say No
8. Boy A
9. If
10. When The Lights Go Out
11. Lemmings
Claudio Ravinale - Lycan Vocals
Andrea Minolfi - Bass, Raven Vocals
Thierry Bertone - Guitars
Alessandro Blengino - Guitars
Hervè De Zulian - Synth
Gabriele Lingua - Drums
Record Label: Massacre Records


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