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5Rand- Sacred/Scared

by Jussi Gough at 12 July 2017, 4:55 AM

Pending doom seems to be the eerie theme to the intro of Italy's own 5RAND's latest Scared/Scared. Now thinking about this I wonder why they named their album Scared/Scared, but we will find out in the later what might be so scary? Anyways, the album kicks off into a hyperdrive of intense guitar excitement that will be the main strength musically to this album but offers so much more that it drives you into the mosh pit head first. Kicking off the album is first instrumental track titled “Behind The Doors Of Sin”, which feels more like a musical score to a sci-fi movie where the alien swings its tail high and when you least expect it stabs you in the chest. Cringing with pain after visualizing that theme to a movie now combine that with the rest of this material. Bringing us back down to the real world of musical chaos track two summons intense drumming with a growled release which delivers the best of vocals from singer Julia Elenor. Prior to this I was not familiar with her vocals but there was rave compliments on how diverse her approach can be and having to admit this myself she has power that really shines throughout. The rest of the song really matches the intensity with speed fast guitars, intense drumming and power slammed bass to which makes for a great animated piece to really charge the listening senses.

Few tracks following second song have a vibrancy that embraces the same elements of description but after a while it's like where I have I heard this before. Well with new bands these days with the female front approach aspect there is a certain balanced strength musically but vocally it's like the style has to be proven over and over again. Take past bands of FEAR OF GOD, KOBRA AND THE LOTUS to ARCHENEMY mix these up in a musical blended and add a dose of EVANESSENCE, final product you get is 5RAND. Displaying little more of their tight knitted songwriting “Preacher Of Lies”, “The True Death Show” and “Drowning Into Insanity” truly show 5RAND's power for they give their everything with sheer aggression that is wickedly twisted for a melodic death band. Overall album is well balanced that can hold it's own against other acts and they prove they are not just another band but something more Scared/Scared. So lookout and fear not for 5RAND is in the house.

Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Behind The Doors Of Sin (Instrumental)
2. Erase
3. Fuck-Simile
4. Paint Of Pain
5. Cordyceps
6. Blessed
7. Preacher Of Lies
8. Drowning Into Insanity
9. The True Death Show
10. Narcolepsycho (Silent Scream)
Julia Elenoir-Vocals
Pierluigi Carocci-Guitars
Riccardo Zito-Bass Guitar
Francesco Marroni-Drums
Record Label: My Kingdom Music


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