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5th Machine – Back In Time Award winner

5th Machine
Back In Time
by Rachel Montgomery at 21 August 2020, 8:04 PM

5TH MACHINE is a traditional metal band with edgy power elements that delivers quality, 80s music. They deliver the riffs, the synths, everything 80s. usually, I’m not a fan of 80s knockoffs. Too many sound like carbon copies of better bands. This one takes 80s elements and makes them into their own style, which is why I say they’re worthy of a listen. If you’re looking for an 80s band that’s edgier glam metal, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

The opening track begins with train track ambiance and a cutting guitar. It then rolls into a traditional, gritty number with an uplifting, powerful chorus. The vocals are gritty but have a clear quality that shows good vocal technique. The song isn’t too complicated overall, and it has a captivating hook. Thus, for an opening number, the album starts strong. The second song soars more. A keyboard melody works in really great harmony with the guitars, making this song stand out. “The Song Of A Beggar” has a unique piano opening that sets it apart from the faster first two songs. Already, the album is giving its audience variety.

The album also has songs with great intros. “Say No To Time” has a rocking bass opening that slides into the intro. It’s done in a way that captivates your attention. The rest of the song speeds along. The vocals are grittier than usual to give this song an edgier sound. I’m not a fan of the hook, and I wish they played with the melody a little more. Other than that, it’s a solid song. “Home” has a suspenseful opening that precludes the edgy, melodic track. I love the hum of the guitars in the instrumental break and the way they zing and sting before the chorus breaks. It’s crisp, clear, and everything good about 80s guitar solos. The key change does a good job at making the song uplifting at the end, too. “Take Me Away” reminds me of a rougher POISON song; it’s nods like these to older bands without deliberately ripping them off that I like. The song sounds like “Nothin But A Good Time” without being a copy.

I don’t mind 80s sounding bands in general. I wish they did their own thing rather than try to copy IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST nine times out of ten. This band is the tenth time. They use tropes from 80s music like synthesizers and bombastic choruses. Their singer also has a distinct DAVID LEE ROTH quality. However, they make themselves stand out by applying their music in a different way. The production is also clear and contemporary, no muddied sound to make it appear vintage, which is greatly appreciated. They’re also not afraid to throw in more commercial elements into their sound, which ups the nostalgia factor and sets them apart from more knockoff bands. If you’re looking for an 80s band that can stand with the greats while being its own entity, you’ve come to the right album.

Songwriting: 8
Production: 10
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. 5th Machine
2. The Wind
3. The Song Of A Beggar
4. Mirrors And Bones
5. Until The End Of Time
6. Say No To Time
7. Home
8. Take Me Away
9. Dreaming Nights
10. For All The Young
11. Back In Time
Fábio Cabral - Vocals
Guma - Guitars
Tiago Fusco - Guitars
Carol Fusco - Keyboards
Eder Zavanella - Bass
Boris Boroski – Drums
Record Label: Lion’s Pride Music


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