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6:33 - Deadly Scenes

Deadly Scenes
by Daniel Fox at 21 January 2015, 9:36 PM

Causing chaos amongst my brain cells at the moment is some of the strangest music I have ever heard. I am no stranger to ‘strange’ music; Devin Townsend is an artist I look up to, and avant-garde, Finnish, cult Death Metallers DEMILICH have a special place in my heart. Peculiar Prog band 6:33 shocked me, pleasantly surprised me and furrowed my brow from the onset of their new album, “Deadly Scenes”. There’s not just Metal in here; while it pays homages to the most avant-garde and ‘out-there’ quadrants of the Metal universe, elements of Industrial, Funk, and goodness-knows what else are thrown in.

Take opener “Hellalujah”, for example; there is a surprising amount of “what the fuck?” moments crammed into 3-and-a-half minutes. What alludes to a breezy and eccentric Prog soundscape, the jittery and jumpy arrangements soon grow into something much more theatric, embellished with quirky keyboard effects and… Blast beats? By now, the track is in full swing… Literally. A strong, swing beat seems to be the centrifuge for this track. “Ego Fandango” is almost comical in comparison, not too dissimilar from some of the pieces off EDGUY’s recent record. More of an up-beat Rock ‘n’ Roll piece (in-part, at least), it comes across as a rip-roaring party song, albeit ending rather unexpectedly in an airy, quasi-RnB fashion.

“Modus Operandi” is easily an album favourite. One of the more mature tracks on the record, it even manages to set the record’s standard for dynamic arrangement; something this band clearly possesses no small measure of ingenuity in crafting. More of an anthemic ballad, the vocals and instrumentation are, literally, all over the place; thick to thin, crescending in strange sequences, and overall trippy. “Lazy Boy” is easily the album’s heaviest track, much more closely related to Metal than previous efforts, filled with plenty of fast riffing and harsh vocals.  Progressive nuances and passages are thoughtfully threaded in as opposed to vigorously thrown in, and blended seamlessly into the song’s scaffolding.

I do not pretend to understand this album at all, nor the band’s sense of musical direction; if this band’s music is not for small minds, then I apparently have a small mind, but I can’t help but love it; For Prog enthusiasts, and the lovers of weird and wacky, bend your ear to 6:33.

4 Star Rating

1. Hellalujah
2. Ego Fandango
3. The Walking Fed
4. I'm a Nerd
5. Modus Operandi
6. Black Widow
7. Last Bullet for a Gold Rattle
8. Lazy Boy
9. Deadly Scenes
Rorschach - Vocals
Niko - Guitars
S.A.D. - Bass
Howahkan Ituha - Keys & Machines
# - Machines & Keys
Record Label: Kaotoxin


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