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69 Shots - Victims Of Illusions

69 Shots
Victims Of Illusions
by Swetha Kamath at 28 April 2014, 12:35 PM

69 SHOTS, funny name. Describing its funkiness and drunkenness of lyrics profoundly generates such an imagination that you would wonder "are they even for real?" Well, they are! With their first launch of their album called "Victims of Illusions", One would be like what exactly is it all about? The web wouldn’t provide you much information about them. As a matter of fact, this band can actually be confused with metal or hard rock. You would shout stick to one genre, goddammit! Honestly, they are hard rock and independently launched their album out.

Lyrically speaking, the lyrics speak about how people are plunged into selfishness. The band doesn’t want to it to be straight forward that they start out with their first track 1; "Earth's thelema", "Nothing is wrong with the planet, the planet is fine but the people are fucked up" Now you can imagine that this band doesn’t want to shout out any bullshit, but are straight forward with their lyrics and music. Deriving with their view towards music and mixing it up globally, they can pretty much hit the mainstream without any sort of difficulty. But every band has its flaw. And I am not impressed with the vocals at all. It's kind of a rasp/ clear but there is no clarity.

More coming towards the band, lets say track 5; "Travel in a Grave" is semi acoustic track, there is sloppiness and its own uniqueness with some sort of mixture which cannot be described properly at all. Next track of theirs, that is “Seven”, which is better than other tracks except for "Earth's Thelema"." Earth's thelema" sounds more clear and then there is the perfect powerful yet light drumming by Federico Camarotto, bass of Alessandro Simeoni sounds a bit silent in other tracks except for "Earth's Thelema" again. Weirdly speaking, their track "Earth's Thelema" seems to be the best in their own way. Here and there is screamo and cleans performed by Ion Terente. Backing vocals and leads by Pietro Vallese produces or creates a blast on the band. Track 2 "Fight (Prelude To Illusions"), it just went down to the drain with growls and the track is very sloppy yet sounds so eastern.


2 Star Rating

1. Earth's Thelema
2. Fight (Prelude to Illusions)
3. Pandora's Jar
4. Rasputin
5. Travel in a Grave
6. Seven
Ion Terente - Vocals
Federico Camarotto - Drums
Pietro Vallese - Lead Guitar and Back Vocals
Alessandro Simeoni - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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