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6th Counted Murder - Individual

6th Counted Murder
by Craig Rider at 24 March 2019, 7:13 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: 6TH COUNTED MURDER; signed via Sliptrick Records, hailing from Italian grounds - performing Heavy/Melodic Death Metal, on their 2nd album entitled: “Individual” (released February 8th, 2019).

Since formation in 2011; the band in question have 2 albums, and a Single in their discography so far; I am introduced to their sophomore album entitled: “Individual”. 10 tracks ranging at around 50:24; 6TH COUNTED MURDER arrange an intricately designed formula of hard-hitting Heavy/Melodic Death Metal amalgamations, “Individual Born” begins the record - conveying amplified adrenaline and adroit attributes of boistrously bouncy aesthetics, diligently converging a barraged frenzy of deadly crunchiness…culminated with concretely gritty gnarliness and dominating executions. Flamboyantly contrasting creatively detailed flair, hasty hostility while infusing diversely inventive instrumentation with meticulous musicianship – frolicking frantically with finesse and constructively distinguished composing dynamics.

Consisting of Simone Dalamar Paga on vocals; the frontman consistently demonstrates deep, guttural growling - balanced with savagely sinister shriekings that is fuelled with wonderously prodegious persistency. “Syncopate” distributes complexly dextrous efficiencies from double guitarist duo: Andrea P.MorettiMarzio Corona; embellishing on blistering grooves, manifested with punchline prestigiousness and solid slabs of rampaging relentlessness. Songs like “Scent Of Despair” & “Near Death Experience” experiment with engaging captivation; forging chaotic, chugging fabrications, galloping mayhem and progressively technical thunder that rapidly swifts with nimble stability – quintessentially quaking with precision and speed. Hardened hymns, fluidly polished with omnious orchestration which stampedes with rampaging onslaughts.

Audible bassist Alessandro Ferraris contributes a battering injection of infectiously immeasurable intensities; crafting blast beats, electrifying lacerations, and rip-roaring shreds of relentless proportions. “Berserk” implements inventive elements like distinctive characteristics in which combust with firepower and expertise; excercised into extreme grandures of explorative remedies, rambunctious ramifications that thump with stompingly primitive maliciousness. “She” showcases powerhouse pounder: Gianluca D'Andria on drums; who provides slamming substance, organically portraying uniquely uncompromised ultilizations of versatile vehemence - rapid succession swifting with seamlessly sonic skill. “Burial Engaged Abuse” explodes fiercely into incite; screaming with vengeful variety, viciously submerged subjugations and pummelling remarkability.

Cloud Nine” supplies more riveting musical qualities; triggering transitions that traverse unprecedented soundscapes with unique tempos, traditional melodic Heavy Metal harmonies and a borderline foundation of formulaic Death Metal fundamentals. “Apocalypse In Human Features” comprises of excelling components; challenging charges of catchy, grunty pipes of profusely robust weight - monstrously meaty hooks infused into razor-sharp strikes of wildly rushing rumbling. Overall concluding “Individual” with the finale track: “House Of Lies”; I am compelled to say that 6TH COUNTED MURDER certainly outdone themselves here, embodying a dosage of hardened hymns of adroit ability – this here band delivered an enjoyably entertaining experience and eardrum shattering strength - definitely worth checking out.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 7
Originality: 9
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Individual Born
2. Syncopate
3. Scent of Despair
4. Near Death Experience
5. Berserk
6. She
7. Burial Engaged Abuse
8. Cloud Nine
9. Apocalypse in Human Features
10. House of Lies
Andrea P.Moretti - Guitars
Marzio Corona - Guitars
Alessandro Ferraris - Bass
Gianluca D'Andria - Drums
Simone Dalamar Paga - Vocals
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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