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7 Days Dead - Beyond Within

7 Days Dead
Beyond Within
by Dead Skin Matt at 22 April 2013, 1:34 PM

How many words should I dedicate to an unsigned band’s 4 song EP?  Well, if I thought I could get away with it from Steinmetal…. One.   It would look like this… Poopy.

Out of respect for my editor, I will write more. Pontification to begin in 3…2….1…

There is a species going extinct in the music eco system.  A species often reviled like a poisonous spider, but like spiders had an important role in the balance. I am referring to the “Producer”. To band members this is a filthy creature.  One that preys on creativity of musicians and has the nerve of wanting them to… change thing!!! They have the audacity to tell musical geniuses when they are sounding dumb, ruining songs, and jerking off with their musical instruments.

7 DAYS DEAD, although they are an unsigned bar band, desperately needed that outside ear to fix this mess. As soon as vocalist McManus begins, the mix behind him shrinks up like my ball bag in a cold pool. However, McManus himself is one of the biggest problems with these 4 songs.  He is constantly giving off that “Yayee Yea” bullshit that James Hetfield annoys us all with at live METALLICA shows. When Hetfield is in the studio, he had producers telling him to knock that shit off.

Someone should also have told guitarist Mark Johnston that leads are there to further the song, or show off how awesome you are. The solo work on these songs does neither.   They are an afterthought.  I assume added to fill some time.

7 DAYS DEAD are a crappy bar band. I was in a ton of crappy bar bands so trust me.  We can smell our own. 

1 Star Rating

1. Broken
2. Come Undone
3. Haunted
4. By Any Means
Mark Johnston - Guitar
Stephen Brown - Drums
Chris Cassidy - Bass
Ryan McManus - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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