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7 H.Target - 0.00 Apocalypse

7 H.Target
0.00 Apocalypse
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 28 October 2014, 10:39 PM

Well, it’s very good to hear bands that you never heard of before, in any Metal style you can imagine. All times, you can get big surprises, as this insane Russian trio, 7 H.TARGET. And they really hit the bull’s-eye with their new album “0.00 Apocalypse”.

Brutal and done with lots of technical arrangements, but still brutal and oppressive as Death Metal must be, these guys creates a music with strong personality, trying to play an eroded style to create something new. And if they can’t do this now, the future shines with a great probability of reaching their goal. Mixing oppressive piggish low grunts and snarls (but with some punctual contributions in other tunes as well), very good guitar riffs (using non conventional techniques sometimes), very good rhythmic basis… Well, everything’s fine, with personality and energy, and with some no orthodox inserts. And this trio is a bright promise to a near future, but it’s good as it is.

A good sound quality is what the disc got, being harsh, aggressive and violent, but as clear as the band could do. No, the sound does not become moldy or confused, but could be a little better (especially if we speak about the snare drum. It’s too dry and without any rattle).

Seven very good songs are presented on “0.00 Apocalypse”, and as your Ol’ Big Daddy said above, they have a bright future waiting, as songs like “Gun-Handed Iron Killer” (fast and aggressive shot, with very technical drumming and good tempos, but with some Jazz tempo moments as well), “Regeneration of Steel Organs” (due it’s extremely brutal and bitter tempos, as well as very good riffs), and the long and well worked “Cyborg Kombat” (the longest track, with very good work of all instruments in an ever changing tempos storm of brutality).

This band is a great promise, but is good as it is now.

4 Star Rating

1. Mutants That Live for One Day
2. Gun-Handed Iron Killer
3. Regeneration of Steel Organs
4. Technofetishist
5. Cyborg Kombat
6. Meatball Machine Story
7. S-94
Konstantin Korolev – Vocals, bass
Aleksey Menshov – Guitars
Mikhail Panphilov – Drums
Record Label: Sevared Records


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