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7Days - Into Forever

Into Forever
by Jonathan Maphet at 19 October 2010, 9:10 PM

7DAYS is melodic Metal band from Sweden that play very complex and intricate music. They alternate from male to female and back again vocals. The drumming is excellent, as is the overall playing on all instruments. I like the crunch of the guitars. The tone isn’t perfect, but it’s very good. I like the vocals when they are accompanied in real time with the keyboards. That’s not something I have heard very often. There are too many tempo changes for my taste. It sounds like a cut and paste job when they refuse to stick to one tempo or at least two. They go far beyond what is necessary in an attempt to sound DREAM THEATER-like, or In other words “showing off”. I like bands that have multiple singers on an album, but multiple singers on one song? Not so much. This album is filled with famous musicians in the genre and all too often project bands come off as being self congratulatory pieces of self over indulgence. I guess that is a common happening since I can’t remember too many superstar projects that I actually like. AVANTASIA is one, and that’s about it for me.

The music does have elements of beauty, I won’t refute that. It isn’t bad music. I just feel it isn’t focused enough, not enough cohesion. The song “Enter A Dream” is an exception, it is an excellent song. The female singer, Caroline Sigfridsson is very good and doesn’t need anyone accompanying her. This is the one aspect that bothers me more than anything else. Pick a singer for one song and stick to him/her. The song “Final Wisdom” is almost twenty minutes long. It’s too much. Songs this long take me out of any positive mood I may have had going into it. I don’t see the need for it. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this is the most skipped over song on the album by the fans. I can see the need for this in classical music played by an orchestra, but certainly not here. On a positive note, you do get what you pay for with a hefty running time of well over sixty minutes. It would be even better is one of the songs didn’t take up so much of the time as I just mentioned.

Overall, the music itself is OK. It’s nothing groundbreaking. It is very well played and highly complicated. In my opinion it is overblown, but I do know there are fans of pompous music, RUSH is a perfect example of that and I will never understand why. When I listen to music, I don’t want to feel like I am in a college classroom being taught by a professor how wonderful highly overdone music can be. If you are a fan of this genre, you will like it. If not, stay away.

2 Star Rating

  1. Through Dark And Light
  2. Into Forever
  3. The Innocence In Me
  4. You Hold The Key
  5. Enter A Dream
  6. Crossing
  7. We Cry No More
  8. Under The Sun
  9. Scattered Mind
  10. Final Wisdom
  11. What Matters
Markus Sigfridsson - Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Daniel Flores - Drums
Kaspar Dahlqvist - Keyboard Solos
Andreas Passmark - Bass
Thomas Vikström - Lead & Backing Vocals
Caroline Sigfridsson - Lead Vocals
Christian Liljegren - Vocals
Erik Tordsson - Lead & Backing vocals
Record Label: Liljegren Recrods


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