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8thSin - Cosmogenesis

by Katarzyna Zakolska at 24 January 2013, 2:53 PM

8THSIN is band from Sweden and was founded over 12 years ago by vocalistIT a.k.a. Tony Särkkä (VONDUR, OPHTHALAMIA, ABRUPTUM, WAR) and guitarist Michael Bohlin (PAIN). The third album of the Swedish metallers “Cosmogenesis” was released a little while ago and it completes the band’s three-album trilogy - “Sinners Inc.” of 2004 and “Angelseed & Demonmilk” of 2005. The album consists of 15 tracks while 6 of them are bonus material. The album’s proceedings lasted for over six years. The band’s music is a blend of Industrial metal, Gothic, Synth and Electronic.

 “Teonanacatl (Flesh Of The Gods)”, the opening thumper, easily describes what the guys are playing. Industrial machine drums with strong guitars and computer electronic loops. Musically a mood of depression, anxiety as the vocals of IT sounds like ROB ZOMBIE. A nice chorus is on “Perfectly Wrong” where the band joins for a backup. Industrial oriented guitars with pulsating drums turns this one to sound like RAMMSTEIN. Worth to listen is the melodic chorus with thumping rhythm on “Precession Of The Equinoxes”. If you cared for a darker mood, check out “Plumed Serpent Rise”. It sounds like mix of MARILYN MANSON, PRODIGY and RAMMSTEIN. The band’s main elements of Symphonic Metal are revealed on “ID Zero”.  In my opinion, the mos interesting track is “Ekpyrosis”. A song where IT's voice is changing by vocoder. Electro mixing with industrial rhythm & strong guitar riffs. Such mixture (Industrial Metal & electronic) has been evident on acts as the eledged RAMMSTEIN or BLUE STAHLI. 8THSIN recorded two great covers: DEPECHE MODE’s “Walking In My Shoes” and VENOM’s “Black Metal”. On the insanely energetic “Black Metal”, IT performs in a duet with Peter Tägtgren (PAIN / HYPOCRISY). But my number one cover is the DEPECHE MODE “Walking in My Shoes” played by this project’s guests vocalists. This song features 7 guitar solos by 7 guitarists and this is brilliant. Well-functioning bass, great sounds of the guitars and certainly amazing guitar solos! Together singing as a choir in a hell of a chorus with great melodic vocals along with growling like mixed CHILDREN OF BODOM with TYPE O NEGATIVE, melody with a hard on kick-ass. In the background there are machine drums with intense guitars. Within this track till the end, for over 2 minutes there are striking guitar lead works & performance jointly with powerful rhythmical section. So many musicians created this cover – just fabulous.

The album is well done and worthy to add that on album played many guests like:Joacim Cans (HAMMERFALL), Ponus Norgren (HAMMERFALL), Eric Rivers (H.E.A.T), Joacim Lundberg (AMARANTHE / KAMELOT), Martin Boman (LIBRAH), Peter Tägtgren (PAIN / HYPOCRISY). I'm sure everyone who likes dark climate & want to listen to different styles of Metal will enjoy the new 8THSIN.

3 Star Rating

1. Teonanacatl (Flesh Of The Gods)
2. Perfectly Wrong
3. Precession Of The Equinoxes
4. ID Zero
5. Safety-exit
6. Plumed serpent rise
7. Ekpyrosis
8. Cosmogenesis
9. The Eght Sins, Part III
10. Walking In My Shoes
11. Black Metal
12. Irreligious - Mobhead 12" Mix (unreleased bonus from "Angelseed & Demonmilk")
13. A sleepover at the feeling of death - Mobhead 12" Mix (unreleased bonus from "Angelseed & Demonmilk")
14. Irreligious - Rectifier Club mix 135 (unreleased bonus from "Angelseed & Demonmilk")
15. The 11th Commandment (unreleased track from "Sinners Inc")
IT- Lead & Baking vocals
Michael Bohlin- Guitars, Programming & Backing Vocals
Johan Husgafvel- Bass & Co-lead vocals on "Walking In My Shoes"
Zach Ahlvik - Drums

Special guest appearances:
Joacim Thenander - The "Mobhead" remixes
Pontus Norgren- Guitar solo on "Teonanacatl (flesh of the gods)"
PM Saari- Guitar solos on "Walking in my shoes"
Anders Olsson- Guitar solo on "Walking in my shoes"
Martin Boman- Guitar solos on "Walking in my shoes"
Eric Rivers- Guitar solo on "Walking in my shoes"
Magnus Lundkvist - Additional backing vocals & guitar solo on "Walking in my shoes"
Joacim Cans- Additional backing vocals on "Walking in my shoes"
Catherine Forsberg- Additional backing vocals
Ira Keelyn- Additional backing vocals and female words on "Precession of the equinoxe"
Alexandra Balogh- Additional backing vocals
Kimmy Bohlin- Co-lead vocals on "Safety Exit"
Peter Tägtgren- Co-lead vocals on "Black Metal"
Joacim Lundberg- Co-lead vocals on "Walking in my shoes" 
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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