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8thsin - Sinners Inc. (CD)

Sinners Inc.
by Michael Dalakos at 10 August 2005, 7:24 PM

Is there any police department out there arresting artists who release terrible albums such as this one? Is this another test the almighty has put me through just to see how I react towards musical monstrosity?
I recall the days in lyceum (high-school). In a class that had 15 metalheads there was no room for ravers. I still recall a couple of kids from other classes getting their asses kicked just for passing outside the classroom with their trendy clothing and their shit for brains music.
Fucking mob of right, I despize your way of life. This album is full of fucking rave music. Some call it modern Rock, I call it shit. I would like to kindly ask their label to not send such insulting material to a guy that has bled for Metal. It went down the drain after a 15 minute listening. In the name of what is good and pure in heavy music avoid this album, or even better: burn it if it gets in your way.
Damnit, I would rather listen to Rhapsody for the rest of my life than such pieces of shit. I hope the people behind this atrocity will have a painful and slow death in the hands of Manowar fans.
\[Chief Editor's Note: Ravers, please stop pissing in Mike's cornflakes every morning]

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