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9000 John Doe - Redneck is the New Black Award winner

9000 John Doe
Redneck is the New Black
by Jeff Legg at 21 September 2014, 10:45 PM

Hailing from Aalborg, Denmark, 9000 JOHN DOE are ready to spread their brand of redneck metal on the world. With the release of their new record, “Redneck is the New Black”, fans of heavy metal should gain some relief from the trends that have blanketed the music industry in the past several years. Sounding like PANTERA meets THE BEASTIE BOYS, this band brought their swagger and energy from their live show into the studio to record what has to be, one of the best releases I’ve heard this year.

With a fan base as big as you’ll find for a relatively unknown band (outside of Denmark), 9000 JOHN DOE is a surprising breath of fresh air. This band, with a self-proclaimed Hardcore Hillbilly sound, has made a name for themselves with their epic live shows and know how to channel that sound onto their recorded material. With bluesy hardcore guitar riffs, powerful in-your-face vocals, and a grooving but ravaging bottom end, these guys are for real. I was completely blown away that I had not heard of them before getting the promo, and now that I have, I am a huge fan.

Consisting of Tommy Knøs on vocals, Mikkel R. Clausen on bass, Morten Larsen on drums, and Thomas Gajhede on Guitars, 9000 JOHN DOE deliver 11 tracks of thunder and lightning on “Redneck is the New Black”. With thundering songs that are heavy, down-tuned and grooving, to faster tracks with double bass drums, lightning quick guitar tracks and screaming vocals, the music on this album reminds me a lot of the sound that FIGHT (feat. Rob Halford) offered on their early recordings, with somewhat of a BEASTIE BOYS style of vocals.

Although their music is not groundbreaking or revolutionary, it is fresh as hell and brings back memories of how metal used to sound back when it was HEAVY metal. I not suggesting you buy this record, I’m demanding you buy this record as soon as you possibly can.

5 Star Rating

1. Redneck is the New Black
2. Snaps Till Death
3. Did She Say That
4. Like a Canonball
5. Never Corner a Cobra
6. Black Heart
7. Country Zombie
8. Lightning Queen

9. The House Rules

10. Devilish Blues

11. 4 Bastards
Tommy Knøs - Vocals
Mikkel R. Clausen - Bass
Morten Larsen - Drums
Thomas Gajhede - Guitars
Record Label: Mighty Music


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