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Taunted - 9 Sins

9 Sins
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 April 2013, 2:11 PM

Walking in the paths of evil, the gripping upshot of the underworld and magical realms of sin, the US Power / Thrashers assemble for another round of chaos. The sound of true errant music wasn’t defined with this upcoming shot of glory, as this setting is a relic from vintage times, yet the general feel will set one’s mind in motion of what the next move will be. Hailing from San Jose, comes the boldness of TAUNTED, an act that has been on since the early 90s only to actually enthrall, for the first time, their listeners with a full length in 2006. And now here they go, surging with conviction with a third release, goes under the name of “9 Sins”, via Mausoleum Records, laying their violent, yet classic in perspective, music on early prides such as Bay Area magnitudes such as EXODUS, TESTAMENT but also with hinges of early NEVERMORE, late IMAGIKA and current VICOUS RUMORS. Being a Bay Area fan, along with being a fanatic of the old US Metal patterns, made me expect more out of this album, but of course you know that not everyone gets his wish, maybe a little.

While inhaling the music into my lungs, I noticed the sound engineering of Juan Urteaga, which is no doubt one of the suitable studio artists to be handling such releases, a true master at his craft when it comes to US Metal. I just wished that the end result of the music would have been the same as the prime engineering works. Generally, I found so much potential in this band that it kills. Along with the experience, the songs have such an outline that could have been made into a newfound sensation in this kind of Metal. But you can’t always think instead of the artist, can you? On the other hand, failure isn’t the case with “9 Sins”, just a shot not on target, but close enough to be deemed as a worthy one. TAUNTED’s music is a plain and simple continuance of what their local Metal scene is struggling to preserve, that fine unification of Power and Thrash Metal, made by American hands, smeared with decent grooves, classy front end, killer riffing, striking solos, punch in the face drumming and NWOBHM oriented melodies. All of those have been taking a ride within “9 Sins” as well, but unfortunately the larger part of the tracklist just didn’t stick. This album just ran over me with the ability of leaving salvage in order to remember it by. Furthermore, several tracks felt a bit lost, starting something and then in a blink of an eye, crossing into a new variation, losing the context of what started earlier. Nonetheless, there were affirmations of grandeur that the band can count on for their next witch hunts such as “7 Colors”, “Laceration”, “Chaos Theory” and even the over long epic finishing touch of “Taunted 2” (The sort of second part of the band’s early track from the “Zero” album). These songs presented the best of what TAUNTED can do, whether it’s the riffing, grooves and melodies, which I really enjoyed, diverse vocal directions, or the rhythms that slammed. As I said earlier, this band has an overt potential for generating something classic just as their local peers have been doing.

“9 Sins” probably won’t be my first choice when it comes to recommending on the US Metal scene, yet it is a worthy album for your ears and interest. Bear in mind that everything can happen and the fourth can possibly become the next thing in line, so I indulge you to take a listen. Don’t let the evil escape your grasp.        

3 Star Rating

1. 7 Colors
2. Laceration
3. Written In The Flames
4. Dead Doll
5. Room 237
6. Tower of Hellions
7. Sinner’s Language
8. Chaos Theory
9. Taunted 2
Jacques Serrano - Vocals
Joey Genoni - Guitar
Matt Gower - Guitar
Elena Repetto - Bass
Larry Howe - Drums
Record Label: Mausoleum Records


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