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Åskväder – Fenix

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 16 April 2022, 6:38 AM

“Electrifying Swedish rockers ASKVADER makes thunder and lightning through music. Well balanced seasoning to the sound of the 90’s Scandinavian Rock scene mixed up with smoking hot riffs drenched in bluesy licks and catchy refrains. Adding thundering drum and bass groove with a topping consisting of elaborate vocal harmonies. That says it all. No fuss, just straight Rock N Roll.” Their newest album here titled “Fenix” contains twelve tracks.

“Blurry Lines” opens the album. It begins with a rocking attitude of retroactive elements with smooth and easy vocal harmonies. It’s a short song with plenty of energy. “When We Fall” is another quick song that features some mellow melodies along with a few lead guitar notes. “Let You Down” is a mid-tempo rocker with nice bass work to go along with the silky vocals. The riffs are fairly simple, but that doesn't take away the accessible sound of the album. The leads here are very well done, dripping with blues elements.

“Old Friend” is a two-minute groovy song with many catchy elements. Damn these songs are short. “Claptrap” is another fast and short song that flirts with the Punk elements. Throw in a riff, some vocals, and some well crafted harmonies, and you have a song. “Head Home” is a four-minute jaunt with a slower-moving rhythm and oozing blues sensibilities. The guitar solo fills your soul with its smooth operatives. “Zealot” goes back to the fast-moving sound with thumping bass notes and leads sprinkled into the riffs. The chorus is rich and full of catchy elements.  “Nightcap” is another short blast of emotional elements with a slightly solemn tone. Again, it’s a catchy and moving song that will get you on your feet.

“Preach for Me” is another short song that mostly features the chorus and guitar solo. The verses are kept as short as possible in order for the chorus to sink in. “Deadlock” opens with a few drum notes that lead to another light rocking riff. With these 12 songs that sound a lot alike, I am running out of things to highlight. “Reap What You Sow” features a little more of a darker message, but the music remains positive sounding. “Run Out of Time” closes the album. Perhaps the most concerning part of the album is that many of these songs are interchangeable. A little more diversity would go a long way.

Many of the songs are under three-minutes in length. A “no-frills” approach is applied to many of the tracks as well. What results is twelve songs of catchy and energetic elements and a “feel-good” attitude. Although these riffs are not something that you haven’t heard before, the songs are presented with an honest energy from the band. This was a straightforward album of easy rocking tunes, and not much more.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 4
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Blurry Lines
2. When We Fall
3. Let You Down
4. Old Friend
5. Claptrap
6. Head Home
7. Zealot
8. Nightcap
9. Preach for Me
10. Deadlock
11. Reap What You Sow
12. Run Out of Time
Martin Gut
August Waernelius
Albin Sörenson
Kammo Olayvar
Record Label: The Sign Records


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