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A Dark Halo – Omnibus One Award winner

A Dark Halo
Omnibus One
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 10 May 2023, 3:53 PM

From their Facebook page, they self-describe as “wallet friendly, middle entry-tier, slightly Prog Cyber-Metal.” It looks like they went through a reformation of sorts recently, because the only other album they released was in 2006. “Omnibus One” has eight songs, and “Thin be the Veil” is the first. The opening tones are dark and heavy, and the vocals vary from gutturals, to shouts, to bright cleans. Much of the melody comes in the chorus. The contrast is stark, but the melodies are very nicely done. “Starfall” begins with charming piano tones before the weighted riff punches you in your stomach. The electronic elements are a nice addition to the sound, and the chorus is brightly harmonized once again.

“Vector Unknown” has a nice combination of punishing riffs and vocals with really smooth cleans, and again, I love the electronic elements in support. It proves that the band is not afraid to layer their sound. The harsh elements are absolutely brutal though, and the band hits both extremes with confidence. “Flame Betide” is another heavy, chugging sound with plenty of melody along for the ride. The clean vocals are nicely harmonized but the bottom end is ferocious. They remind me a bit of the now defunct Swedish band CIPHER SYSTEM. “I, Revenant” has yet another catchy sound. This album gets even better as it goes along. Tenacious harsh vocals can rip you another asshole but the cleans wash over you like crystal spring water. Damn, this song will fuel your primal desires.

“It Never Sleeps” was the first video released from the album. Cold, sterile electronics combine with angry harsh vocals to create a nightmarish sound, but damn are those clean vocals catchy, and the lead follow the melody very well. “Afterworld” begins with pretty, clean vocal harmonies that give way to another punishing sound. The harsh vocals are very angry but the guitar work once again is nothing short of amazing. “The Disquiet” closes the album. It begins with a slow, and deadly grind with some fantastic drumming. The clean vocals are sung with a robotic type voice, followed by heated and maddening harsh vocals. It’s the balance between aggression and beauty that is so well done. A filthy breakdown at the end will provide all Metalheads with the food they crave.

The genre gatekeeper in me has to first comment that this sounds closest to Metalcore or Melodic Death Metal than anything else, but with a modern twist, and the “Cyber-Metal” elements are noticeable mostly in the keyboards. It’s the balance on the album however that stands out for me. Whatever transformation the band went through for this current line-up worked, and I am very glad that they had this revival. The production is outstanding. Although their sound might be considered overly polished to some, I believe it suits their sound very well, because it enables you to hear all of the nuances.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Thin be the Veil
2. Starfall
3. Vector Unknown
4. Flame Betide
5. I, Revenant
6. It Never Sleeps
7. Afterworld
8. The Disquiet
Jonesy – Guitars
Dave Lowmiller – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Kaye Papale – Drums
Abe Robertson – Guitars
Melrose – Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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