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A Day In Venice - III

A Day In Venice
by Crisstopher Robyn at 29 April 2019, 5:45 PM

Gothic-Doom metal band, NARCOTIC LUXUIRIA, was founded by the painter, poet and musician Andrej Kralj as a solo project. He was later joined by drummer Paolo Marchesich (SINESTESIA) and keyboard player Alberto Bravin (SINESTESIA) in 2003. They performed live shows at festivals and venues in North Italy, and released a 5-track demo, but split in late 2004. In 2014, Andrej Kralj composed and recorded a full-length album. While he played almost all the instruments, Kralj enlisted the help of Paolo Marchesich (drums), Martina Feri (vocals), Goran Ruzzier (vocals), and released it under the new moniker, A DAY IN VENICE. The band recently have released a new song and video for the track “I Am Nowhere In Time”.  The single is taken from the band’s forthcoming album “III,” which was released April 6, 2019. In the video for the track, the main theme is the persistent struggle of predator versus prey, which is presented in an unconventional way. The role of the fisherman is interpreted by the singer Paolo Bembi, whose voice is also giving vocal unity to the album. The fish is interpreted by the Italian actress Roberta Colacino. The video was shot and produced in Trieste, Italy early this year by Andrej Kralj. The video can be found after this review and let us begin to travel the world that has been created.

Dark Electricity” begins the 9-track album. The start of the song is soft yet dark, but the vocals overlaying the music are almost unique. I can almost pin-point a similar sound but it lays at the tip of my tongue unsaid. The composition of the track is very atmospheric and gentle. It isn’t the normal fast paced metal you would expect. It as if you are on a surf board just riding the waves up and down. “Tunnel Of Flashy Lights” is our third track and I find the title a little humorous. The song itself is not to be laughed at. Again, the mastery of Andrej Kralj unfolds before you. You can feel yourself in a tiny boat with your soulmate gently floating through a carnival tunnel. The vision it gives is simply magical. As we reach the mid-point of the album, “Prison Is A Red Sky,” comes in still with soft tones and beats. The vocals remind me of Billy Corgan, but the music itself is almost reminiscent of THE SMASHING PUMPKINS. It is another beautiful song that takes you away to another land. “I Am Nowhere In Time” is the lead single from the album. The video for the song itself shows the artistry of Kralj. It is a wonderfully laid out story that flows very well with the song. I feel the need to mention “Temple Of The Dog” and “Far” in both the same context. The music is again wonderfully produced, as there seems to be more atmospheric sounds within the keys to give the song some extra depth. The guitars and drums are mixed really well and remind me of GHOST, as well the vocals. Both songs could be mistaken for the aforementioned, but A DAY IN VENICE still have a style and sound that represent themselves and their music.

A DAY IN VENICE have crafted a very easy listening experience. The music is very dark and heavy, but the soft vocals seem like ghosts in the foreground. Even though there are some resemblances to other bands, they have crafted their own magic within each song. Andrej Kralj has surrounded himself with musicians whom can completely capture his musical vision, and who can blame him. “III” is a must listen, if you are fans of this Gothic Doom style of music, but do not expect to hear fast paced, punch you in the eye style. This music is simply meant to make you relax and think.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Dark Electricity
2. Walls Of Madness
3. Tunnel Of Flashy Lights
4. Her Body Rocks
5. Prison Is A Red Sky
6. I Am Nowhere In Time
7. The Golden Stone
8. Temple Of The Dog
9. Far

Andrej Kralj – Composer / Producer

Musicians who featured in A DAY IN VENICE so far:
Mickey Shiloh - vocals
Martina Feri - vocals
Paolo Bembi - vocals
Maria Grigoryeva - violin, viola
Jakob Jugovic - bass
Paolo Marchesich - drums
Max Saidi - drums
Mickey Shiloh - vocals
JYISMUSIC - vocals

Record Label: Independent


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