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A Higher Demise - The Doctor Will See You Now

A Higher Demise
The Doctor Will See You Now
by Isha Shah at 05 December 2014, 11:35 AM

A HIGHER DEMISE’S first official EP, “The Doctor Will See You Now”, this Metalcore band are freshly added to the growing music scene. Contributing to the UK’s hardened Hardcore revenue, the Kent quintet have recently put out a five tracked EP to expose their metal sound to us. Straying from your typical lineup, the five-piece do include a female member who is of course the bassist, brining back a punk edge to the band, setting them apart from your “just another metal core band.”

Capturing your attention “My Therapist Knows You By Name” blasts in, with its imminent drum beat and screeching vocals that leave vibrated growls in the atmosphere. The track proves to hold a heavy weight when it comes to the screamed vocals as they are pitched at the right tone, however the cleans don't seem to fit within the track, as it appears forced as a filler. Bordering onto the generic Metalcore style of having clean vocals, the band have tried to adapt this into their first track, which would be better suited without. “FUCK YOU FOR THINKING THIS SONG IS ABOUT YOU” is preached throughout, leaving it’s imprint in your brain after the track has ended, the track lacks lyrically originality.

For a British Rock band, A HIGHER DEMISE do play a great tribute as a beginner, however their freshers knowledge does show through. The whole EP mixes between the two vocal ranges which are constantly contrasting throughout and not complimenting each other. “All These Reasons” however does highlight their clean vocals, as it’s better suited within this song, the harden screams do dominate for the better.

Close to finishing, “It's A Trap” produces all of the bands energy to a heavy finish, marking a standout track from the whole EP to be their strongest, and certainly one to look out for.

Instrumentally wise, the band have a stern sound, with bashful breaks and full speeding sounds which are blasted throughout every direction, there does hold a great sense of potential for this band as give them credit for producing a decent sounding EP.

2 Star Rating

1. My Therapist Knows You By Name
2. All These Reasons
3. Here We Go Again
4. It's A Trap
5. Over and Over
Charlie - Vocals
Terry – Guitar, Vocals
Dan – Guitar, Vocals
Rachael – Bass, Vocals
Dag – Drums, Vocals
Record Label: Ambicon Music


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