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A Light Divided - Choose Your Own Adventure

A Light Divided
Choose Your Own Adventure
by Craig Rider at 05 October 2018, 6:50 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: A LIGHT DIVIDED; signed independently, hailing from the United States Of America - performing Alternative Metal, on their 3rd album entitled: “Choose Your Own Adventure” (released October 8th, 2018). Since formation in 2009; the band in question have an EP and 2 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 3rd album entitled: “Choose Your Own Adventure”. 12 tracks ranging at around 40:19; A LIGHT DIVIDED arrange an intricately designed formula of alternatively, hard-hitting (and rocking) developments. “Make Your Luck” begins the album, conveying in boistrously bouncy distinctions – demonstrating concretely diligent melodies that have progressively technical rhythms while distributing harmonic hymns that attribute an aesthetic of amplified energy with gritty catchiness, established with rambunctiously relentless vehemence - however, the first impression will likely initiate the opinion of: “oh, it’s another generically simplistic pop-rock radio-friendly band…” (it did with me).

Consisting of Jaycee Clark on lead vocals; the front man contrasts with clean, high-pitched singing - as “Fear Of Heights” embellishes on flamboyantly composed consistency. The instrumentation is heavy, while orchestrating persistent variety - implementing inventively generated compositions with diversely dynamic complexities. Dexterous guitar duo – Colt Crevar & Doug Weichbrodt, efficiently construct distinguished riffs and solos, as in songs like the epic “Fear Of Heights” & the electrically thunderous “Remedy”, the songwriting showcases memorable originality that while seems collectively comprehensive… there is some enjoyable elements at least. “Another Fight In Brooklyn” revs up the tempo, portraying Adam Smith’s adroitness with crunchy & hammering drum pummeling stability.

Life Lessons” examines audible adrenaline from powerhouse bassist Mike Underwood, creatively crafting profusely robust ramifications - A LIGHT DIVIDED injects an organic substance of riveting salubriousness of captivating hooks as in “The War We Watched” excels with a grandiose manifestation of efficaciously meticulous designs that results with uniquely unprecedented results. While the strumming has some similar rotations in which can be transitioned as samey, they still execute a dominantly empowering groove. “Scars Of You” amalgamates conceptual enlightenments, fulfilled with finesse and concrete barrages of solidly rampaging stampedes of elegant adaptation - performed with expertise.

Finding Center” fabricates with fluidly polished sound production proficiencies, rapidly swifting with nimbly melodious scores that have an exquisitely enjoyably notable tone to it. “Sink Into Nothing” is where things tinker to the aforementioned characteristic a bit too much, differentiated with anthemic hymns that has a admirably commendable foundation of borderline punches and skill - while it’s not for me, alt fans will certainly dance to it. “Plastic Crowns” converges interesting renditions of uplifting ultilizations, still providing quirky onslaughts of battering blends of prodigious proliferation. “Counting To Sober” balances blistering machinations, with straightforward musicianship - while “Armor & War Paint” overall concludes the record with an equally gripping finale. Bottom line; I personally felt that “Choose Your Own Adventure” certainly has potential, yet A LIGHT DIVIDED did not exactly frolick with stimulation for me… alternative metal fans should most definitely check it out though.

Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 6
Originality: 6
Sound Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Make Your Luck
2. Fear Of Heights
3. Remedy
4. Another Bar Fight In Brooklyn
5. Life Lessons
6. The War We Watched
7. Scars Of You
8. Finding Center
9. Sink Into Nothing
10. Plastic Crowns
11. Counting To Sober
12. Armor & War Paint
Jaycee Clark -  Lead Vocals
Adam Smith - Drums
Mike Underwood - Bass
Doug Weichbrodt - Guitar/Vocals
Colt Crevar - Guitar/Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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