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A Light In The Black: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio - Various Artists Award winner

A Light In The Black: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio
Various Artists
by YngwieViking at 04 June 2015, 10:48 PM

If Ronnie James Dio was my childhood Hero (“The Butterfly Ball”) he also converted me to the demonic sound BLACK SABBATH, he was also the main responsible for my love of Heavy Metal and he change the DNA for the Metal music forever…Well, last month, the highly controversy but truly magnificent “The Purple Album” by WHITESNAKE was an amazing tribute to Richie Blackmore/Jon Lord/Tommy Bolin and to the magical music of DEEP PURPLE era mark III/IV, the whole concept was mistaken by a big part of the community…A big misunderstanding, as the early vision was to make a real honorific demonstration toward those great musicians and their creations…Anyway, in similarity today my review is based upon the superb dual CD published by Massacre Records in order to pay tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) and his different bands, as the legendary RAINBOW, the Mythical BLACK SABBATH and the famous DIO…This is our legacy for us all the orphan Rock ‘n’ Roll children.

The cast of bands who were chosen for this dangerous exercise is almost perfect, CRYSTAL BALL/IRON FATE/THE ORDER and MESSENGER are among the best, providing some amazing renditions of those classics in a ultra respectful method and some new sonic perspective still in coherence with the original sound and most of all perfectly executed notably concerning the ultra difficult and renowned challenging vocal parts…That’s the first triumph of this compilation, the second accomplishment is that each outfit found its own to interpret those prestigious songs…

CRYSTAL BALL is the most unexpected sensation, the Swiss combo is playing maybe my favorite SABBATH track ever “The Sign Of The Southern Cross” in a sublime manner, their opening cover of “Sacred Heart” was marvellous but “The Sign Of The Southern Cross” is truly jaw-dropping…Now I have to get their new album “Liferider” soon, as the band won a new recognition status in my Metal mind!

IRON FATE was ultra convincing in 2010 with their first full length, recommended and ranked in my top 30 album “Cast In Iron”, their version of “Light In Black” (RAINBOW) is clearly one of the highlight of the whole disc!

THE ORDER surprised me with those two DIO’s tracks namely “I Could Have Been A Dreamer” & most of all the legendary “The Last In Line” crafted in full quality and in a superb Heavy way…Impressive!

MESSENGER used their cover-song already available in the good “Captain’s Loot” album…”Don't Talk To Strangers” and the RAINBOW’s classic “Kill The King” are reproduced in the most beautiful style…Kudos!

Michael Ehre’s LOVE.MIGHT.KILL are maybe a step slightly behind but the superb voice of Jan Manenti is enough to secured their place in this retrospective report…Indeed, the ultra renowned “Stand Up And Shout” is fulminant but the choice of “Hungry For Heaven” is an acquired taste!

If GLORYFUL has opted for the obvious “Holy Diver” but they had taken some risk in recording “Heavy Metal Will Never Die” that was originally recorded with Ronnie’s cousin David Rock Feinstein from THE RODS fame as a single for his solo carrer…It will remains as one of last song recorded by Mr Ronnie James Dio, also available on the posthumous album “The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2”.

The other groups involved are all still cool or at least fun, most are very meritorious and their covers are always interesting, from ok (GUN BARREL "Evil Eyes"/METAL INQUISITOR “King of Rock 'n' Roll”) to very good ("One Night In The City” by CIRCLE OF SILENCE or “I” by REBELLION) even the gruff vocals of BURDEN OF GRIEF with “Neon Nights” are acceptable…The best way to honor the memory of the greatest Metal Singer ever and one of the most influential composer of our time …Shows the devil’s horns \\,,/!

4 Star Rating

CD 1
1. Sacred Heart - CRYSTAL BALL
2. Kill The King - MESSENGER
3. Evil Eyes - GUN BARREL
4. Heavy Metal Will Never Die - GLORYFUL
5. I Could Have Been A Dreamer - THE ORDER
6. King Of Rock ‘N‘ Roll - METAL INQUISITOR
7. One Night In The City - CIRCLE OF SILENCE
8. Neon Nights - BURDEN OF GRIEF
9. Stand Up And Shout - LOVE.MIGHT.KILL
CD 2
1. Light In The Black - IRON FATE
2. Don‘t Talk To Strangers - MESSENGER
3. The Sign Of The Southern Cross - CRYSTAL BALL
4. Hungry For Heaven - LOVE.MIGHT.KILL
5. The Last In Line - THE ORDER
6. Voodoo - GUN BARREL
7. Time Machine - CIRCLE OF SILENCE
8. Kill The King - REBELLION
9. Holy Diver - GLORYFUL
10. Caught In The Middle - WIZARD
Record Label: Massacre Records


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