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A Long Way To Fall - Hatemosphere

A Long Way To Fall
by Sooraj Ram at 07 August 2017, 8:50 PM

Melodic Metalcore is very close to becoming a saturated genre, as most of the newer bands tend to put their own twist on this genre so as to form new genres called *insert experimentation*core; Earthcore, Aliencore, Partycore, Spongecore to name a few. However, it is these bands that always sound more “delicate” and interesting as compared to the bands that play typical Melodic Metalcore. A LONG WAY TO FALL is one such "Typical" Melodic Metalcore band that play straightforward Melo Metalcore with no other experimentation.  Their sound can be well observed on their latest debut EP “Hatemosphere”, released this year.

Their sound is somewhat similar to the critically acclaimed Melodic Metalcore Acts such as PARKWAY DRIVE, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and THE GHOST INSIDE. This is where I find a small drawback in their sound since generic bands are no longer followed by a lot of people in a highly competitive world with a lot of versatile music. “Hatemosphere” consists of 7 tracks with lyrical themes that consistently centre around social issues and threats possessed by Mother Nature; which is yet another generic lyrical theme, as the band fails to capture your attention given that Dark Days is typically the first song that comes to a Melo Metalcore fan’s mind when the word "Nature" is exclaimed. However, lyrical themes may not be a huge aspect for many people as they prefer deliverance.

I must say the vocals are done pretty well as the vocalist showcases his ability to scream and show his emotions. Songs like “Put it to Rest” and  “Hatemosphere” best reflect the Vocalist's ability – even though the lyrical structure lacks maturity and a solid punch. Moving onto the Instrumentation section, the first thing that bugged me was the bass pedal kick which sounds dull; proper tuning is really necessary to nail a track. The guitar passages are harmonic and catchy. The title track “Hatemosphere” might be the best track on the record, even though it does have some of the foregoing issues, but compared to the rest of the tracklist this song is surely a winner. In addition to “Hatemosphere”,My Prison” is also a killer track. A thunderous intro which follows a melodious path and an ideal ‘clean’ to ‘scream’ transition compliment the perfect instrumentation as the double guitar attack proves to be relentless and ruthless. Overall, it is a track that will be on a daily playlist of a Melodic Metalcore pleb.

I won't say that A LONG WAY TO FALL failed miserably on this album, since they did try to produce some good music that unfortunately got ruined due to the lack of interest from the production side. However, considering the fact that these guys are new and “Hatemosphere” is a debut album, I can say that these guys might get better and more complex in the near future. The best and easiest way to improve their sound is to improve their production, as the instrumentation and vocals are quite good. I will be following these guys as they have a lot of hidden talents that may be revealed in their sophomore effort.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

  1. Intro
  2. My Prison
  3. Put It To Rest
  4. Hatemosphere
  5. Wrong Way
  6. Out Of The Black
  7. Against The Tide
Bastian - Vocals
Daniel - Guitar
Kevin - Guitar
Pascal - Bass
Thiemo - Drums
Record Label: Rockaine Records


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