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A Reason To Begin - Rebirth Award winner

A Reason To Begin
by "Metal Mark" Records at 18 January 2023, 3:36 PM

Sometimes, labels and definitions about a Metal genre can be blown away, especially when a band decides to do things on its own way, ‘disrespecting’ the models laid (what is a very good strategy, especially when the musicians’ hearts ask for it). The best way is always the same: don’t give a goddamn fuck for the labels, experience things using your own ears, because you’re a grow person to do it. And in the case of the Italian quintet A REASON TO BEGIN, as heard on “Rebirth”, they’re kicking the rules out of their sights! Let’s build the definitions of this review in the best way possible: the band can be said as a form of Metalcore, or in other words, it’s a mix between modern aggressive Metal elements into a brutal (but yet melodic) form.

But in the case of the quintet, their main source of musical inspiration isn’t on Groove Metal or New Metal (as is usual for the genre), but on modern Swedish Melodic Death Metal, with elements inherited of acts as SOILWORK and IN FLAMES, but always using their own personality to sharp their music. The melodies are there, the brutality and aggressiveness as well, some Groove and modern touches, but in a way that not usual. Listen to it, and be prepared for many hooks and a vicious energy! The production worked in a way to make their musical work abrasive and aggressive, but melodic as well. It can be said that the strongest point of the production is that they didn’t try to emulate the usual model of sonority of the genre, but used a different model, and it’s great! It’s not greasy and abrasive, but brutal and aggressive.

It can be said that A REASON TO BEGIN is a band that was born mature, because the album is really excellent. And to have a clear idea of what the band is offering, take a careful listening to “Revenge” (a massive and brutal song, but as said above, the melodies where inherited of Melodic Death Metal, so expect a very good work on the guitar riffs, especially with some melodies that resembles to IRON MAIDEN in some moments), “By the Glory” (this one has a well-worked rhythmic session, again bringing a clear sight of Melodic Death Metal, what means that bass guitar and drums are working in a high level), “Green Monster” (another excellent song, with very good melodies and contrasts between grunts, snarls and screams), “Forever Evil” (what lovely melodies and arrangements are created by the guitars on this one!), “The Warrior” (this one carries the Groove Metal load expected of the genre, but being expressed in a very good and understandable form), “Fake Preacher” (an abrasive song with pyroclastic arrangements, being a bit more into traditional Melodic Death Metal, and what lovely technical work of bass guitar and drums), and “Live or Die”.

Sorry for the joke with words, but “Rebirth” is A REASON TO BEGIN with a band and a musical work, and an excellent one, so listen to it, and enjoy as you want!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 8

5 Star Rating

1. …Searching
2. Revenge
3. By the Glory
4. Green Monster
5. Forever Evil
6.  The Warrior
7. Don’t Give a Fuck
8. Fake Preacher
9. Live or Die
Matt - Vocals
Manno - Guitars, Vocals
Jean - Guitars
Ilvile - Bass, Vocals
Danihell - Drums
Record Label: Ad Noctem Records


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