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A Red Nightmare - Enemy Award winner

A Red Nightmare
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 16 December 2013, 4:20 PM

Here in Brazil, things are changing a little for the last years. In terms of Metal bands, North and Northeast regions of the country are giving birth to more and better bands, in all kinds of Metal you all can think. And from Belém, Pará, comes a insane quintet, A RED NIGHTMARE, making their first coming with the 2-tracks digital single “Enemy”.

They do a technical and very brute Death Metal, with some touches of pure experimentalism, but don’t get the wrong idea: the band’s music can make your ears fall to the ground and you bang until your necks are in bloody pieces. Extreme low grunts (but with good diction), oppressive guitar riffs and good solos, bass and drums showing great rhythmic diversity, and fusing this all, the apocalypse is done.

The sound’s quality is very good, enabling us all to hear each detail of their insane work, and their brutality is more explicit this way, heavy and with each instrument sounding clear. The artwork is a piece of an insane art, remind us all of some features in a way near of what is seen modern horror films.

Two brutal assaults are in this first work: “Enemy”, a more technical song, with good tempos’ variation and showing a good work from the guitars and vocals (even some more melodic arrangements can be heard from the guitars), and “Hedonist”, a more faster and oppressive song, where bass and drums show their technique (the double bass is incredible fast in some moments). And you all can check their work on the following link, for “Enemy” is available for free to us all:

We hope an album comes soon, for their work is too good to stay only in a digital single, but even this way, be prepared for having some of your parents and neighbors kicking your home’s door to the floor. 

4 Star Rating

1. Enemy
2. Hedonist
Leonan Ferreira – Vocals
Igor Sampaio – Guitars
Vinicius Carvalho – Guitars
Marcos Saraiva – Bass
Luciano Câmara – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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