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A Secret Revealed – When the Day Yearns for Light

A Secret Revealed
When the Day Yearns for Light
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 November 2021, 9:19 AM

From their EPK, “The title of the third album sets the direction: at first, “When The Day Yearns For Light” seems to be power-sapping and destructive on its own. On closer listening, however, the cathartic nature of the album, which deals with existential feelings, is soon revealed. In view of this, it is no wonder that A SECRET REVEALED play so intense and emotionally dense. The album contains eight tracks.

“As I Watch You Perish” leads off the album. It opens with clean guitars, then evolves into deep, dark hatred, with harmonized harsh vocals and plenty of guitar presence. It sounds to me like a morph of Black Metal with other Extreme styles. “No Shelter. No Hope” is another deep, cathartic song with plenty of anguish. I like the slow Doom it pushes when it rolls to a quick interlude, but the hatred soon returns, heavy and unrelenting. The guys display some musicianship here after the half-way mark, but it soon passes into blackness. “With Blind Apathy” begins with more despondent tones, and some nice bass work. They shift just a bit here and there to alter the message, which goes from anger to despair fairly quickly.

“In Shoals” is another thickened track from the guitar layers they build, along with some other instrumentation. Again, it sounds like Black Metal for the most part, but they also build in elements of Doom and Death with Progressive leanings…very well done. “~” is a short and somewhat sad instrumental, with clean guitars that push the bleakness further into you. “Rotten” moves forward with a raucous energy, meaty from the near wall of sound created by the guitars and drums. It settles just a bit with lead notes, and some ambient passages where the bass guitar chugs with all its might. I really enjoyed the ambient passage with pronounced bass notes. “The Arsonist” is a slower song with plenty of balls. It moves forward with the sounds of desperation…as if clinging to the last hope you have in your bag.

“Monument of Guilt” closes the album. It opens with a full-on attack, then retreats, with slow moving pain and agony so deep it will cut you with no hope of cleaning the wound. This is unrelenting, deep and dark work, where your soul has no hope of salvation. It paints the picture that your existence is bleak and cold, and where the word “hope” is punishable by death has only been spoken in whispers far away from anyone’s ear. A warning: do not listen to this if you are already in a bad place, because it might seal the door to anything good and shut it out forever.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. As I Watch You Perish
2. No Shelter. No Hope.
3. With Blind Apathy
4. In Shoals
5. ~
6. Rotten
7. The Arsonist
8. Monument of Guilt
Tilman – Drums
Ralf – Guitar
Michael – Vocals
Julian – Bass
Lukas – Guitar
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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